Trump Succeeds Even as Liberals in Both Parties Try To Stop Him

With the House and Senate Republicans continually stabbing him in the back, President Trump has found a way to be successful and make major accomplishments.  You can be forgiven for not knowing that because the media just reports on Russia and dissension from liberals in the Republican Party.  Let’s face it, these Republican leaders in Congress are as worthless as teats on a boar hog.

So, legislatively, the Trump administration is a bust — not because of the president but because of the traitors in Congress.  But instead of crying in his oatmeal, Trump has risen above the nastiness he receives from members like the chameleon Ben Sasse, Mitch McConnell, Jeff Flake, John McCain and Paul Ryan, and has managed to accomplish a lot but only in areas where these traitors cannot stop him.

Let’s start with one of his earliest and most meaningful success, the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.  As monumental as that is, Trump has been filling all the vacancies on the lower federal courts with young and very conservative judges.  That means most of them will remain on the benches for decades to come.  This is the type of long range thinking we conservatives need.

Not one section of the wall is being built but just based on his reputation alone, the border crossings are down by 60% and many of the illegals here have dropped off from welfare and food stamps (1.1 million) in order to keep a lower profile and many more are fleeing to Canada and back to Mexico.    And when you figure in the massive amount of illegals being deported, the numbers become staggering.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Regulation was one of the “yuge” promises Trump made during the campaign.  He swore that he would do away with regulations at a pace of two for every new regulation.  His actual record is currently 16 regulations dumped for every new one.  He has cut regulations in his first 200 days that saves American businesses 33 billion a year.

In just six short months, Trump has added 1 million jobs.  He is the third president to negotiate with Foxconn unsuccessfully to bring their factories to the United States.  Just last week, Foxconn announced a plant in Wisconsin that will add a minimum of 3,000 jobs.  In addition, yesterday they announced a second plant to be built in Michigan that will also add a minimum of another 3,000 jobs.

Both business and consumer confidence is off the chart because of the policies of Donald J Trump.  Black unemployment is at its lowest level in 12 years thanks to their ability to get jobs that previously went to illegal aliens.  The stock market is setting new highs nearly every week.

President Trump pulled out of the Paris Accord which was a huge redistribution scheme, harming the US economy and its workers.  Liberals claim that other countries see Trump as a clown, yet he was able to muscle both Russia and China to keep them from vetoing sanctions against North Korea at the United Nations.  You remember the United Nations don’t you?  That’s where the racist and misogynistic Trump named a woman of color to represent our country, Nikki Haley.

Not bad for a man who has no organized political party behind him.  That too could change.  Several incumbent Republican senators are in danger of losing in their primaries and the people who voted for Trump’s policies can take revenge on them for their obstruction with the same votes they used to put Trump in the White House.


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