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President Trump spoke about “us” as opposed to talking about himself during the State of the Union address. (Screen capture, YouTube, CBC News)

A report on President Donald Trump and his State of the Union address Tuesday evening by the Daily Caller revealed something that offers one more separation between the current chief executive and the former White House occupant.

According to the Daily Caller’s count, during his address, Trump used the word “we” a whopping 129 times, while he used “I” only 29 times. Additionally, the president used the term “our,” as when he referred to the Second Amendment early in his remarks, 104 times.

Now, the Daily Caller went back in history about 18 months to a speech by Barack Obama at a memorial for fallen police officers in Dallas, Texas. During that speech, the former president mentioned himself 45 times.

It’s not the only time that Obama came across as narcissistic during his time in office. Snopes tried to explain it away here, but only seems to have added to the problem. During Obama’s farewell address, according to Snopes, the ex-president “used the word ‘I’ 40 times, ‘me’ 13 times, ‘I’ve’ 12 times, and ‘I’m’ twice, adding up to a total of 67 self-references.”

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This was in contrast to Trump’s inaugural speech, which was much shorter, when he used “I” three times and never used the terms “me,” “I’ve” or “I’m.”

And here’s another little tidbit from Snopes: Trump’s inaugural speech ran but 16 minutes while Obama talked for 50 minutes. It appears Trump is more interested in taking action than talking, while his predecessor just loved to hear himself talk.

Trump did something that Obama never did during his State of the Union speeches. Trump – again speaking in the collective rather than in the individual context – said, “We are totally defending our Second Amendment.” That came at the 28:15 mark in the hour-and-a-half address, which may be viewed here. With that remark, the president made it clear that he shares a fundamental right with all other Americans, whether they exercise it or not. It’s not a government-regulated privilege; it is a constitutionally-delineated and protected right.

A transcript of the president’s remarks has been published by Fox News.

Many observers are giving Trump credit for a good, if not great, address. He came across not only as more conservative than some originally believed, but also as a populist on whose watch unemployment has gone down, the stock market has risen, the economy has improved and businesses are coming back to the United States as regulations and taxes have been eased.

It was all many of the Democrats could do to flee the House chambers as soon as Trump stopped talking, not about his accomplishments as president, but about the things America has and can still accomplish. His message was simple. It’s not about him, it’s about “us.”

That seems to be the traditional difference between someone who wants to be something, as opposed to someone determined to do something.


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