Trump Just Made It Harder To Get A Visa To Enter the United States

One of the most abused areas of the visa program in this country is the huge number of people who overstay their visas.  In fiscal year 2016 alone, 630,000 foreign nationals overstayed their visas.

Of those overstays, an estimated 545,000 now-illegal aliens remain in the United States, clogging deportation courts when we can actually locate the offenders.  During the campaign, Donald Trump pointed to this abuse and called it a huge problem.  No kidding?

Now, he is doing something about it.  Under Trump’s Buy American, Hire American Executive Order, the vetting process has changed.  In order to get a visa to come here you have to provide the State Department with some kind of proof that you don’t plan on remaining in the country after your visa expires.

Students are one of the biggest violators of this policy with 42,5000 in 2016 alone.  Many students apply for a H-1B visa before their student visa runs out.  Now, when being reviewed, students will be asked if they have applied for a H-1B visa.

If they answer yes, they could be kept out of the country and away from their school until a ruling has been made on their application.  If they say no and a cross check shows that they have, their student visa can be revoked.  The H-1B program is the one tech giants use to hire cheap foreign labor and to keep the jobs out of the hands of higher priced American workers.

The Law Review reports:

“For example, some applicants who already hold F-1 student status but who have H-1B petitions submitted and pending with the USCIS on their behalf may face an uphill battle in applying for a renewed F-1 visa. In such instances, if a consular officer asks the student whether he or she intends to depart the United States upon completion of his or her studies, the applicant will truthfully need to advise of his or her pending H-1B petition with USCIS. This information in all likelihood will lead to the consulate’s denial of the student’s F-1 visa application and the applicant will need to remain outside the United States until he or she is able to apply for an H-1B visa.”

H/T Breitbart.com


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