Trump is Right Again: 23 Year Old Illegal Mexican Kidnaps Girl, 13, in Fla., Rapes Her in Michigan

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635722403227453683-hernandezDonald Trump has been proven right once again as a 23 year old illegal Mexican has been arrested for transporting a 13 year old girl in Florida, taking her to Michigan, where he forcibly raped her.  It’s funny that so many liberals (both democrats and republicans) have criticized Trump for saying illegal aliens rape underage girls but you don’t hear any of them actually deny it.

“Sure, they rape and kill underage girls, but it’s the speech that’s to be condemned, not the act.”  Over 37% of all federal convictions last year were illegal aliens even though they make up less than 3.5% of the population.

Twenty three year old Aurelio Hernandez-Gomez, an illegal alien from Mexico, kidnapped a thirteen year old girl from Florida.  He drove her to a home in Hartford, Michigan, where he sexually assaulted her against her will.  Police acting on a tip went to the home and found the girl in the home and arrested Hernandez-Gomez on one charge of  third-degree criminal sexual conduct.  That means police believe he restrained her or incapacitated her while he penetrated her.

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