Trump Gives First Official Reply To DA Bragg’s Indictment Circus At Mar-A-Lago (Video)

The judge didn’t put a muzzle on Trump the way some feared he would. And even if he had, you just know Trump would have found SOME kind of a workaround.

If the left was hoping to use the threat of indictment as a way to cripple Trump and scare away his voters, they may have made a serious miscalculation. And not even just by bringing in an indictment doomed to fail — and it eventually must, since it doesn’t even mention the actual ‘crime’ that supposedly elevates these 30-some-odd frivolous expired nothings to ‘felony’ status.

Polls are already indicating that his base is being galvanized and that his fundraising is in overdrive. He’s raked in many millions in the few days since the indictment.

But none of those are even the biggest miscalculation the left has made.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

In 2016, Trump had a very clear message. You could love it or hate it, but everyone understood it. There was no misunderstanding the content of his platform. Then came 2020.

Reelection is different than running as an outsider. It’s even more complicated when you account for the issues of an economy that has been derailed by a disease, and the coordinated ‘fortification of the election’ by groups hellbent on pushing a Dem agenda, to hell with what the voters actually wanted.

Whatever explanation you go with about ‘why’, what matters, in the end, is that he came up short. By January, he was on the outside looking in.

There was something missing in his speeches since 2020. They would look backward, sometimes at how he had been shafted in the past. Or they would linger the faults of his GOP rivals — even some who haven’t declared yet.

It’s a little early to say for sure yet, but this Court date seemed to crystalize who his REAL adversary is… and it’s not some GOP rival.

He’s the front-runner. Make them earn a place in the conversation. He was speaking as an incumbent defending what’s his that he had rightfully earned. His opponent was a weaponized legal system that threatens to rip the beating heart out of what makes America special.

He seems to be speaking to someone who is rising to the challenge of a real and worthy opponent, and daring any other would-be contenders to keep up.

But maybe you see something different in this speech.

That’s cool. Tell us all about it in the comments.

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