Trump Gave $10,000 To The Family Of Pastor Saeed Abedini While He Was Held Hostage In Iranian Prison

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Bet ya never heard the main stream media report that one. There’s no room for Trump generosity in a media campaign to flatten the challenger to their chosen Hillary. Bet they would have reported this story if Hillary donated to his family while he was being persecuted by radical Islamists. And just how much did the queen of mean do to help his family? … Do you hear the crickets? Nada. nothing. zip.

Christianity Today:

Iranian-American Pastor Saeed Abedini is brimming with gratitude for one U.S. presidential aspirant: Donald Trump.

In a surprising revelation, Abedini said the Republican presidential nominee helped provide for the needs of his family in Boise, Idaho while he was locked up in an Iranian prison for his faith. The pastor said Trump gave his family $10,000 while he was imprisoned for three and a half years.

“I am finally free in a free country. Last year on the same day I was sick and in chains for Christ, and now I can vote to choose my next president,” Abedini said in a post on his Facebook page on Sunday.

“And most amazingly, I can vote for someone that I know fought for me and called my name so many times. He met my family and gave them a $10,000 gift. I think his ideas are more biblical than the other candidates,” he added.

In contrast, Abedini said Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton did not do or say anything to help secure his release from Iranian prison. The pastor said Clinton never spoke his name or met his family.

Perhaps if the pastor was an Imam, good-ol Hillary would have bucked up? Maybe she would have used her influence as a former Secretary of State to get him home.

What’s that sound in the distance. Oh, yeah, more crickets.


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