Trump-esque ‘Great Again’ hats a big hit in the UK

All the rage in Britain. (Facebook)
All the rage in Britain. (Facebook)

Often referred to as the cousin of America’s Tea Party movement, Britain’s UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) has taken quite the liking to Donald Trump. In turn, patriotic Yanks have also taken quite a shine to Nigel Farage and the same UKIP he lead until recently.

The trans-Atlantic mutual admiration society is so strong, that the youth wing of the UKIP has launched their own version of a staple at Trump rallies. Specifically, their “Make Britain Great Again” hats.

As reported by Breitbart of London, the caps will be on sale at the UKIP annual conference this weekend. With the party’s gathering being held in the sea-side town of Bournemouth, Dorset in the south of England.images_1

Going for a mere 10 quid, the headgear will be on sale at the ‘Young Independence’ stall at the conference. But for those on either side of the pond unable to make the shindig, “The Make Britain Great Again hats will soon be available online, Breitbart London understands.”

As Breitbart London reported;

Young Independence Chairman Jamie Ross McKenzie told Breitbart London: “There’s been too much self-doubt as a country since the Brexit vote. This is our time to shine.

We wanted to create something that showed the wearer’s confidence in Britain, that they believed Britain could and would prosper as a free country once again. The idea came when I saw Nigel speak at the Trump rally. Sometimes the best and boldest ideas are the simplest”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Farage appeared alongside Mr. Trump in Jackson, Mississippi last month, insisting that were he an American he would not vote for Hillary Clinton if anyone – including Mrs. Clinton – paid him.

Despite the establishment political parties distancing themselves as far from Trump as possible, “Trump Is Right” posters are popping up throughout the nation by British citizens who consider themselves over-taxed, oppressed by political correctness, and ignored by their politicians.

Making Britain Great Again, patriotic Brits make their feelings known. (Twitter)
Making Britain Great Again, patriotic Brits make their feelings known. (Twitter)

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