Trump demands Cruz stop negative ads, threatens to sue over eligibility

trump-twitter rehabOn Friday, media mogul and GOP candidate Donald Trump issued an ultimatum that had a number of people scratching their heads.

Responding to ads put out by the Cruz campaign, Trump demanded Cruz “clean up his act,” stop his negative attacks, and his alleged “cheating.”  Failure to do so, he threatened, gives him standing to sue the Texas Republican over his eligibility to run for the White House.

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Reaction was pretty much what you’d expect:

Better yet, does Trump U actually produce attorneys?

Was it really that long?

Naturally, supporters showed they seem to know as much about the subject as their favorite candidate:

Now there’s some sound legal advise…

Actually, he already did that back in 2013, but facts and history apparently don’t mean anything to some these days.

That seems to be the way it sounds.

Sadly, it is.  Which makes me wonder: What will he do when a foreign leader disagrees with him? Will he engage in a childish Twitter rant and threaten to sue?

Personally, I think he ought to do it, but not for the reason his supporters think.  Some others think the same thing:

Others used his own adjective against him:

Please.  He should either put up or shut up.


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