Trump, Comey, Sessions, Russia: What’s this about again?

It was announced Monday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will testify before Congress in an open hearing.  This is the big news story of the day. Discussions in the media was that he wasn’t going to testify or that if he did whether it would be before a closed hearing or an open one.

And so, panels of four to five Washington pundits sat in front of the camera on several news programs speculating on Sessions and the question is becoming more apparent, what is this about anyway? Is this about Trump “colluding with Russia to hack the election?” Are we still on that? Former FBI Director James Comey testified that President Trump was not a subject of any investigation of collusion so why isn’t anything that leads from that not important, such as Sessions testimony before Congress?

The media is still caught in an endless scandal loop where everything that has emanated from a proposition continues to survive and is treated as a big deal even though the original proposition has vanished. All cable news networks are covering a Trump cabinet meeting as I write this. It’s an “alert.” Why are they covering this? To see if the president mentions anything about Sessions who will testify about anything he knows about other Russians he met or on Comey who was fired because he didn’t fire Flynn who met with Russians but didn’t say he did and that’s important because Russia “hacked our election” and that’s important because the Trump campaign may have colluded with them?

Now that we know there was no collusion, why are all eyes on this cabinet meeting or Sessions testimony before Congress. Did they all forget what this was all supposed to be about? And by the way, this business about “hacking our election” is nothing more than a misleading metaphor that describes exposing corrupt machinations between Hillary’s campaign and the media. Exposing Hillary and the media is now “hacking our elections.” I hope Trump did “collude” with the Russians to make that happen but it’s a ridiculous reality, and you know what, that’s not even a crime! Yeah, that’s right, I said it.

James Comey was the big bombshell story of last week and it was so anticipated that CNN had a countdown clock displayed on its screen days before. Comey was supposed to implicate Trump on obstruction of justice because the FBI was investigating Mike Flynn who met with a Russian…oh who cares already — and so Comey leaked to the New York Times that Trump asked him to stop the investigation which is supposed to be obstruction, we guess, but Comey did not make a referral to the Justice Department, so it’s not, but Comey then leaked to the Times because he wanted to prompt an independent investigation which is, what, the normal way these things are done?

So obstruction is the new collusion. If Trump asked Comey to stop the investigation into Mike Flynn then he should have stopped his investigation becauuuuuse Trump is the boss and he gets to say who to investigate and who not to. If Comey saw that the president ordered him to stop the investigation and he didn’t, that’s insubordination.  Why didn’t Comey resign? “Yeah but that would be obstruction of Jus….” Nooooo, Trump is not being investigated. The Flynn “matter” has nothing to do with Trump. Where is the obstruction? Where is there a crime? Why am I watching a boring cabinet meeting?


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