Trump Claim: “Closer to WWIII Than Anyone Realizes”

Is Trump right?

Last night’s debate was riddled with Biden blunders of debunked narratives, lies and absolute disasters for the Democrats. But let’s set that aside for a minute and focus on one thing Donald J. Trump said: that the United States is closer to WWIII than anyone realizes. The Trump claim is true, and here’s part of the reason:

The disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal gave a well-armed terrorist state new life. Not just by leaving $billions of equipment behind, but by removing the defensive strength of the US Military. Now, terrorist organizations have flocked to the country and the US has no strategic presence.

Biden’s pullout left the U.S. “without a viable stay-behind or over-the-horizon counterterrorism and intelligence capability to suppress threats,” which has resulted in Islamic terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda being able to rapidly regain strength in the region.

“The United States has lost significant intelligence collection capabilities in the region, leaving federal authorities blind and deaf to emerging threats emanating from the region,” the letter said. “The creation of new and reestablishment of previous terrorist training camps within Afghanistan has led to successful, deadly attacks by the Islamic State’s regional branch against targets in Iran and Russia and elsewhere, adding further credence to the notion that the U.S. is at risk.” Special Operations Association of America (SOAA) Chairman Christopher Miller

That’s only one problem: those “blinking red lights” is another. The Trump claim about the border:

As the porous borders of this country become a beacon for migrants worldwide, the fact that terrorists are among them is concerning. And that’s only the DETECTED ones. We have no idea who is in this country or where they are, as the CBP stated that there are at least 50 are still unaccounted for. The DHS said that around 400 illegals were brought to this country by an ISIS-linked organization. Do the math. It took just a small handful of terrorists to bring down the World Trade Center and severely damage the Pentagon in 2001.  50 potential terrorists could do a lot of damage. And if they met up with their Islamic buddies already here… we may have more problems than we think.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Chinese migrants in the tens of thousands are pouring into our country, likely as labor for Triad drug cartels to sow problems into the US. Or something even worse like a clandestine Chinese army on our soil? Could it be a serious issue if China should decide to invade Taiwan?

What about the wars in the Middle East and Ukraine? Terrorist loving protestors who are ignorant of the truth could pose a severe problem. The war in Ukraine has siphoned off our stockpiles of weapons and left the US Military scrambling to replace them. Add in the low levels of our strategic oil and gas reserves, thanks to Biden and there is a recipe for disaster. Putin regularly threatens the use of nuclear weapons. And the wild card? Unpredictable North Korea.

So was the Trump claim correct or was he just being foolish? We think you can judge for yourself, but we vote that he was right. Again.



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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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