Trey Gowdy Announces Release of Incriminating Hillary Emails Next Week

Tgowdy2Democrats have spent the last week complaining that the Benghazi Committee is political, has spent too much money and has nothing to show for it.  Rep. Trey Gowdy, Chairman of the Benghazi Committee, is striking back.  First, he released a letter accusing Democrats of obstructing justice and Ranking Member, Elijah Cummings, of playing defense attorney for Hillary.  Now, he has announced that he will be releasing 1,500 emails next week including some very damning emails from Hillary to Sidney Blumenthal.

One of the emails was a top secret dispatch that Hillary forwarded to Blumenthal, even though he doesn’t have clearance and was officially told that he could never work for the State Department, when Hillary tried to hire him.  The committee only got these emails a week ago.

The question is why did it take so long, even after the person in charge of releasing the emails said the committee had them all?  The answer is typical liberals at work.  The latest emails were released after Catherine Duval left her job, which was to aid in the release of the emails.  Before she worked for the State Department, she worked for the IRS, where she was in charge of releasing Lois Lerner’s emails.  Getting the picture yet?

The emails between Hillary and Blumenthal are important because Libya was actually Hillary’s war and she is responsible for replacing Gaddafi with Islamic terrorists including the ones who killed 4 people in Benghazi, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.  The emails also show that Hillary had tons of intelligence about the turmoil in the Benghazi area and the appeals for more security from compound officials, also including Ambassador Stevens, yet she failed to act and provide security.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

It should be fun and entertaining to see how Cummings and his merry band of partisan hacks spin these emails.


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