Treachery in Vienna Nuke Talks?

US negotiator Robert Malley is being accused of making concessions that endanger the United States’ National Security during the Nuclear Talks in Vienna. (American Military News). It’s why three of the negotiators already quit back in January. Adding to the problem is that Russian diplomat Mikhail Ulyanov appears to be “running” the details of the negotiations, which, given the current situation is quite concerning. While we have been watching Ukraine…Is there treachery afoot?

A thread on Twitter from Gabriel Noronha, who is a former Iran adviser at the US State Department and the House Armed Services committee, reveals some of the egregious treachery that is allegedly occurring with the Iran negotiations in Vienna.

Melanie Phillips wrote a blog on Powerline that captured the long thread of Mr. Noronha’s Twitter posts. We’ll use some of them as an illustration of treachery in Vienna. Her blog is titled “Perfidy in Vienna” – Perfidy means treachery. Also please remember that the US is engaging indirectly with the negotiations from another room because we have no diplomatic ties with Iran.

  • “What’s happening in Vienna is a total disaster” one warned. The entire negotiations have been filtered and “essentially run” by Russian diplomat Mikhail Ulyanov. The concessions and other misguided policies have led three members of the U.S. negotiating team to leave.
  •  This is a long and technical thread, but here’s what you should know: the deal being negotiated in Vienna is dangerous to our national security, it is illegal, it is illegitimate, and it in no way serves U.S. interests in either the short or long term.
  • Here’s why: Led by Rob Malley, the U.S. has promised to lift sanctions on some of the regime’s worst terrorists and torturers, leading officials in the regime’s WMD infrastructure, and is currently trying to lift sanctions on the IRGC itself. Let’s dive in. 

  • This would also lift sanctions on Khamenei’s personal slush funds known as “bonyads”, including Astan Quds Razavi and Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order, which confiscated houses and billions from political dissidents and religious minorities to enrich Khamenei and his goons….
  • These sanctions are also not related to Iran’s nuclear program, but we’re about to lift sanctions on them anyways. These are not “inconsistent with the JCPOA” as Blinken and Malley claim – they targeted the institutions that kill thousands of innocent Iranians and Arabs…
  • The @StateDept has no legal basis to rescind the sanctions on the Central Bank, NDF, NIOC or NITC as they still continue to support terrorism. To remove those sanctions, you typically have to prove they aren’t supporting terror. They can’t. In other words, this is all illegal.
  • Speaking of lawyers, State’s lawyers are said to be working on “very creative” ways to try and bypass Congress’ right to review (or even see the deal) under INARA. The political appointees working this deal are said to strongly distain Congress and view them as a nuisance.” Gabriel Noronha

There are numerous other points, but the worst is that Malley is planning to lift sanctions on the IRGC and remove them from the Foreign Terrorist Organization list without ANY concessions from Iran to stop their terrorist and hostage-taking activity. They were not sanctioned under the JCPOA in the first place, and not until 2019.

Is it treachery? It seems that way. He plans to release $7 billion in frozen funds from South Korea as a ransom payment to get 4 Americans and some British citizens out of Evin Prison on Monday (getting them out is a good thing, but the ransom payment is foolish). Malley has contrived a way to do this before Congress has time to vote on it. By the time he sends them a document, it will be too late, and Iran will have accessed billions of dollars with no restrictions on where they can use it.

  • Even if Malley later submitted a deal to congress, the b[u]lk of the damage would already be done — Iran will have control of billions and the US will have no more leverage. This is pure diplomatic malpractice, and congress needs to investigate this attempted fait accompli.
  • The Biden administration is claiming that they are going back to the JCPOA [the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, a/k/a the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran] and therefore do not need to submit the deal to Congress under the 2015 INARA law. That’s not true — this deal is not the JCPOA. It is much, much worse. Gabriel Noronha

In short, the Biden administration continues to destroy our National Security, just on a new level of treachery. The Vienna talks are supposedly nearing a close and could be completed as soon as Monday. Iran gets everything, we get nothing. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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