Transgenders Sue Iowa to Force Taxpayers to Pay For Sex Change Surgery [VIDEO]

Two men who identify as women are now suing the state of Iowa because their Medicaid coverage doesn’t pay for their sex change operations.  Naturally, the ACLU has joined the suit as you would expect any organization that represents the North American of Man Boy Love Association — a group that exists only to promote pedophilia against young boys.  The cost of sex transition treatments cost on average $100,000.

From the Daily Caller

The two biological men — now identified by the names Carol Ann Beal and EerieAnna Good — filed a lawsuit against the Iowa Department Of Human Services, alleging discrimination over the state government’s refusal to cover the cost of transgender surgeries, The Des Moines Register reported. Transition related surgeries not covered include: cosmetic, reconstructive, or plastic surgery.

“As the result of this sweeping exclusion, all surgical treatments for gender dysphoria are excluded from coverage, even though the same or substantially equivalent treatments are provided to non-transgender Iowans,” said Rita Bettis, Iowa’s American Civil Liberties Union legal director. Bettis is representing the transgender individuals in the case.

Insurance providers will pay for cancer patients to receive mastectomies to remove breast tissue, the Iowa newspaper notes.

So, in other words, they want perversions covered because cancer is?  That’s the same reasoning that the ACLU uses on abortion by calling it reproductive healthcare.  Since when has pregnancy become a disease?

If the taxpayer has to pay for abortions because a woman engages in sex or transitional surgery because someone wants to change their lifestyle, could you not argue that taxpayers should cover the cost of heroin for drug addicts or Jack Daniels for alcoholics or condoms for serial rapists?

If I decide tomorrow that I want to pour ketchup all over the kitchen floor and roll around in it, screaming “Look at me, I’m a french fry”, should my neighbor be forced to pay my Heinz bill?

More from the Daily Caller

“You go through so many years transitioning, and now I hit a brick wall with Iowa’s discriminatory ban on Medicaid coverage for transition-related care,” Beal said at a press conference Thursday. “It has caused me stress and depression and affects every aspect of my life, but I remain determined to change this outdated law and move forward with my life.” Beal began taking hormones to become a woman at age 14.

The sum of surgeries required to fully transition is more than $100,000, Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery estimates.

This is not the first lawsuit or negotiation that has involved Iowa’s ACLU. The advocacy group negotiated in November with Americorps to cover the cost of breast removal surgery for a biological woman. The ACLU also filed a workplace discrimination suit in August on behalf of a former prison nurse disgruntled because she was not allowed to use the male restroom corresponding to her identified gender.

Where does the madness end?  Is it more to do with bankrupting the government than it does with real health issues?  Does Cloward-Piven rule?


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