Trans Doe Task Force: Anthropologists and Archeologists Should Stop Classifying Race and Gender of Human Bones

The woke activists group Trans DoeTask Force claims that since we can’t tell whether the the bones of people were transgender, Anthropologists and Archeologists should stop classifying race and gender. It’s actually critical for identification of missing persons and learning about ancient civilizations. But never mind the facts, this group only deals with the trans.

Forensic anthropologists bring closure to relatives, particularly with regard to the remains of service members who died in foreign wars. The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency works tirelessly to determine the identities of Americans buried in foreign cemeteries, or repatriated from foreign soil such as North Korea. The Tomb of the Unknowns in our own country has the remains of several service members. New techniques in DNA testing and race/gender comparisons have assisted in bringing many of them home again.

Archeologists give us insight into the lives of bygone civilizations. And the fact remains that even if an obvious woman was clothed in men’s garb in prehistoric days, or the other way around, they probably were not “trans” in spite of what the Trans Doe Task Force thinks. According to Investigative Journalist Mairead Elordi, there are also a few men who could have had a rare condition known as XXY chromosomes, or Klinefelter syndrome, which can cause low testosterone. There were likely others who deliberately dressed in the clothing of another gender in order to further themselves in a society ruled exclusively by one or the other gender.

Now though, some woke scholars say the time for classifying human remains by gender and race is gone since we cannot know how the deceased person identified, even if they lived hundreds of years ago.

One group called the Trans Doe Task Force says it actually maintains its own database of missing and unidentified people who the group thinks could be transgender or “gender-variant” because most databases don’t allow you to compare missing to unidentified “across different binary sex categories.”

The group says it combs databases of the missing and unidentified looking for “contextual clues such as decedents wearing clothing culturally coded to a gender other than their assigned sex.”

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trans doe task force


Why they want to “escape” their assigned sex is another matter entirely. The author of that Tweet is a graduate student in Archeology at a Canadian University.

Whether it’s identifying the sex of someone or race or both, the skills are imperative for identifying missing persons.

“…sexing skeletal remains is a critical skill in forensics and any diminishing of this skill will negatively impact criminal investigations, denying the victims and their families justice.”

San Jose State archaeology Professor Elizabeth Weiss (The College Fix)


H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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