‘Tough guy’ SNL star to Donald Trump: ‘F**k you, b*tch’

SNL star Pete Davidson to Trump: "f**k you, bitch"Liberalism, as I’ve said repeatedly since February 2011, is an ideology of rage and hate.  On Monday, The Hill reported that Pete Davidson, an alleged “comedian” currently working at “Saturday Night Live,” posted a profane 3-word messae to President-elect Donald Trump on Instagram: “F**k you, b*tch.”

According to The Hill, Davidson’s message was in response to Trump’s critical tweet of SNL.

The Hill added:

Alec Baldwin reprised his role as Trump for a sketch on Saturday in which the real estate mogul appears unprepared for office as he discusses military strategy and interviews potential Cabinet picks.

Trump has slammed “SNL” before after it poked fun at him. “Time to retire boring and unfunny show,” he wrote on Twitter last month. Trump guest hosted an episode of “SNL” last November.

Twitchy noted: “Lots and lots of tough Leftists have been talking a great deal of smack at and about President-elect Trump, most of which you know they wouldn’t have the courage to say in person.”

Naturally, it didn’t sit too well with many:

These days, however, he’ll probably get a Medal of Freedom from the current lame-duck regime.

Twitchy added:

When you stop losing your sense of humor about things, as a comedian, you stop being funny. He is far too young to be so bitter and cynical … and again this wasn’t even a funny response.

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No, it wasn’t.  It was sad and pathetic.  At best…


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