“Tough Background Checks” Failed in Case of Tashfeen Malik..Leaves 14 Dead


Barack Obama and his Liar-for-Hire, Josh Earnest, have repeatedly said the US will tightly screen every refugee coming into the country.  Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and cozy inside?  It shouldn’t.  Tashfeen Malik underwent that screening before she was able to come to the United States on a fiance visa.

The Obama Caliphate says they did three separate interviews with her and she passed with flying colors.  But do you suppose that could be just because they take you at your word.  “Are you a terrorist?”  “Nope.”  “Well, that’s good enough for me. ”

Other than that, they did nothing to find out if she would be a threat.  On her Facebook page, she would cheer acts of violence by terrorists, expound the virtues of violent jihad and even posted that she wanted to become a jihadist herself.  How hard is it to get access to a public Facebook page?  Not hard at all.  Because of their failure, Tashfeen Malik was able to join with Syed Rizwan Farook to murder fourteen people and wound another 22 in the deadliest terrorist attack on US soil since the 9/11 attacks.

No one responsible for screenings of visa applicants check their social media accounts.  In fact, Jeh Johnson over at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) doesn’t believe screening social media is even appropriate.  How can it not be appropriate to make sure someone who wants to enter the United States isn’t going to go on a killing spree?

Now, add to that the fact that an investigation into Farook’s mosque was killed before the investigator, Philip Haley had a chance to stop Farook in his tracks.  It’s almost as if they wanted the attack to happen.  One of the Paris terrorists also used a porous European immigration policy to infiltrate Paris from Syria.

Think about this.  If they were unable to spot a terrorist when they were only doing a background check on one single person, how could their performance be better when they begin rushing to bring 10,000 Syrians in?  Or next year, when Obama could take in another 90,000 refugees?  And ask yourself why democrats are lining up behind Obama and defending the practice.  One more terrorist attack and voters are likely to give even “Safe” incumbents the boot.

Barack Hussein Obama will go down in history as the president who placed terrorists above American citizens.


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