Tonight’s Debate…Ted Cruz Won Going Away

ted-cruz-wins-primaryI managed to stay awake during the candidates introducing themselves at the beginning of Wednesday’s debate.  I consider that a monumental achievement.  The first question showed it was a biased attack night.  The candidates were asked their top weakness, not strength.  Would an NBC company ask that of Democrats?

Who won the debate tonight?  Forget the polls coming out for the next two weeks.  People vote for their candidate, no matter who really won.  Ted Cruz won, and in my humble opinion, it wasn’t even close.  Donald Trump rebounded and did well.  They are the only two I rate as winners.  There are two candidates with mixed results — Ben Carson and Chris Christie.  Neither can be considered losers by any means but they were not consistent.  They probably didn’t hurt themselves but they didn’t really advance their case either.  The rest of the field were all losers and I won’t be mentioning them very much.  Their policies are why their poll numbers are so low.

Ted Cruz was well spoken, knowledgeable, with ideas that can work.  He finally got significant air time and he made the most of it.

Chris Christie is out of the race.  Ben Carson has a tendency to comment on things he really doesn’t understand like the nonexistent oil subsidies.  He has suspended his campaign in order to raise cash and to go on a book promotion tour.  If he uses that time to bone up on subjects he has been shaky on, he could very well improve his chances.

Donald Trump was asked if his campaign was really a comedy of a presidential campaign by liberals that conservatives didn’t want to moderate because he is a Hillary sycophant.  He also claimed that all economists say his tax plan won’t work, but Trump was ready and pointed out that CNBC’s top economist has come out in favor of his plan and then asked if CNBC would get rid of Larry Kudlow.

The same basic question was asked of Ben Carson.  Carson pointed out that they didn’t take into account the money added by limiting deductions and the possibility of eliminating some of the nearly 700 federal agencies.  Ben Carson seemed very uneasy and looked very unsure of himself.

Ted Cruz was extremely impressive on promoting a flat tax and had the numbers at his fingertips, was articulate and came off as very knowledgeable.

Marco Rubio was asked about shirking his duty as Senator and shouldn’t he do that?  He avoided answering like the plague.  It was pointed out that he has said he hates his job as Senator.  He pointed out that both Clinton and Obama missed more votes than he has in 2008 and said it was the double standard from the media.  He and Jeb got into a small fight.  Rubio pointed out McCain also missed more votes than he did.

Carly Fiorina was asked to defend her tenure at Hewlitt Packard, but it was not very effective.  She pointed to the only person who thought she did a good job, but HP is still suffering from her decision to buy unprofitable companies.  She said she doubled revenue.  That’s true but it was only because she bought companies with revenue, but profits tanked.

Ted Cruz absolutely destroyed Carl Quintanilla and the other moderators.  He remembered every gotcha question he asked and shoved them down his throat.  He received a standing ovation.  Watch his numbers rise starting tomorrow.  He was so impressive, I can’t even find words to describe it.  He called them biased and that none of them will vote in the Republican primaries.

Ted Cruz schooled Mike Huckabee on Social Security.  It’s time for Huckabee to disappear.  Cruz explained how Social Security can be saved by making tough decisions which aren’t politically expedient.

After break, Trump was asked about the four bankruptcies for the umpteenth time.  He spoke slowly and explained how the law works.  He pointed out that no creditor failed to get paid and that all of the bankruptcies were on Atlantic City casinos, all of which are failing.

Ben Carson regained his composure and correctly pointed to government regulations for holding back the economy.  But he also said that Washington could regulate pharmaceuticals.  Yeah, they’ve done such a good job with everything they have sought to control.

Chris Christie was asked about GM being responsible for over 120 deaths because of a defect they knew about but no one went to prison.  Christie said had he been at the helm, he would have prosecuted the executives responsible.  Good point.

Gee, these moderators are trying to referee a fight, not conduct a legitimate debate.

Ted Cruz was asked how he could equalize pay for women who are paid 23% less than men.  (But not based on doing the same job)  Cruz answered that the real enemy of women are the democrats whose policies has led to 6 million women being pushed out of the workforce.  He told about the many single mothers in his family, including his mother when he was three before his father got religion and returned.  His answer was less government.  He’s on a roll tonight.

Ben Carson was questioned about being on the board of Costco for ten years and the fact he backed a supplement that Costco claimed would cure such diseases as cancer.  Costco was fined for false advertising.  Carson’s answer was weak.  He said he did many paid speeches and that is a really bad attitude to take.  It’s like admitting you are recommending a product you know nothing about.

Marco Rubio was called out for his proposed bill that would allow companies to replace high priced Americans for cheaper foreigners.  Rubio claims we don’t have enough qualified people.  That’s a lie.  50% of our STEM graduates can’t find jobs in the field they were trained for.

Donald Trump said that money corrupts otherwise honorable men and the biggest offender are Super PACS.  Trump has banned any PACS from using his likeness or name in raising money.

Rubio did come through with a good line.  He said that it’s funny that the media hailed Hillary as the victor after her testimony where she was exposed as a liar.  Touche.

Ted Cruz again.  he called for auditing the Fed, a bill he cosponsored that was offered by Rand paul.  He also wants an accounting of how many trillions were shelled out in the QE1, QE2 and QE3 programs.  He pointed out that the top 1% is earning the highest share of income of any time3 since 1928.  The market crashed in 1929.  The loose money policy of the fed including almost zero interest rates will lure many into debt they can’t afford.

Ben Carson admitted he was wrong about oil subsidies, but he was wrong in why he thought he was mistaken.  He still wants to eliminate oil subsidies, but that would be difficult since there are no oil subsidies.  He is now for eliminating all subsidies from the various energy sources.  If they aren’t strong enough to continue on their own, let them fail, because the poor and middle class end up paying the subsidies as well as for the mountainous rules and regulations applied by the federal government.

Cruz knocked another homer on taxes.  he repeated his plans for a flat tax that he said would allow people to file their taxes on a postcard and would eliminate the IRS.

Next up, Trump was asked if he would be comfortable with guns on campus after the Oregon shooting.  He minced no words and said yes.  He said he carries a gun sometimes and sometimes he carries a lot, which drew cheers from the audience.

Mike Huckabee drew boos when he insulted Donald Trump.  He quickly realized he had made a huge mistake.  He then pandered to Trump and remarked that Trump would be a better president than Hillary any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  He then showed off his Donald trump collection tie.

Chris Christie made another great point.  The economy is bad, there are no jobs and we are being attacked by ISIS and Al Qaeda and what are democrats concentrating on?  Fantasy football.

PS… Marco Rubio was the only candidate with his tie on crooked.  Just sayin’.

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H/T: The PC Graveyard


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