‘Tolerant’ liberals: Melania Trump a ‘dumb b*tch’ who needs to be deported

Melania Trump
Melania Trump: Flickr

According to allegedly “tolerant” liberals, any criticism of “crooked” Hillary Clinton is sexist, but it’s okay to attack Donald Trump’s wife.  Responding to her speech at the Republican National Convention, liberals attacked her as a “dumb bitch” who can’t speak English and needs to be deported.

Paul Joseph Watson posted a number of tweets issued by liberal bigots:



There’s more — a lot more.  Watson added:

Because when Trump calls for putting a stop to mass uncontrolled illegal immigration, he’s racist, but it’s perfectly fine for so-called liberals to insult an immigrant who became a U.S. citizen the legal way because she has a strong accent.

Leftists are also perfectly comfortable with rampant misogyny when they’re insulting women with whom they disagree.

It’s just more of the same misogyny and bigotry we’ve come to expect from the unhinged left.

And you know it’s just going to get worse…

As Mark Levin said Tuesday, “cram it, liberals.”


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