Time to get back to the all but forgotten economy

By early November, Congress must raise the debt ceiling or risk default on the government’s debt. And with the debt limit having been hit in May default is right around the corner.

So instead of staying in town and working on a solution to this, what does Congress plan on doing…leaving town on August 2nd for a five-week recess…like they need a recess from either doing NOTHING or screwing up what little they actually do.

And add in Jack Lew, Obama’s shill of a Treasury Secretary, who warned Congress against fabricating yet another crisis over federal spending. Fabricating a debt crisis…guess in Obama’s and Lew’s eyes that goes hand-in-hand with all the Republican’s supposed ‘phony scandals’ fabricated to discredit this president.

“We need to get the debt limit extended in a way that doesn’t create a crisis” Lew said. A Treasury Secretary who does NOT have a clue…don’t raise the debt ceiling…CUT your freakin’ spending and cut it starting now!

“We have already done a lot of deficit reduction,” he said in an interview on NBC…the National Barack Channel. Yeah right…who does he think he’s kidding…the only cuts Obama’s done are cuts to our Defense Budget…cuts to increases in troops pay…and cuts to veterans benefits.

And all Obama does instead of talking about possible solutions is to rehash his campaign teleprompted speeches as he keeps harping on economic inequality…deliberately forgetting that most of the current economic inequality is because of his own failed economic policies that don’t even help the lower class let alone the middle class.

And of course Lew placed the blame on the ‘supposed’ fact that Obama had to fight with Republicans over sequestration, spending, and budget cuts, which he claims caused wild stock market swings costing the US its top-tier AAA credit rating.

Nope, that loss of our triple A rating falls squarely on the shoulders of Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his policy of spending more than is taken in…basic failure in learning Economics 101.

So of course Obama is blaming everybody but himself…and still blaming Bush…the hallmark of his administration.

And Lew, Obama’s budget director in 2011, is part of the reason we’re in the sad shape we’re in now for all he does is to continue to reiterate Obama’s position that he will NOT consider short-term spending cuts nor will he consider offsetting the defense spending cuts with reductions in other government programs. Remember, Obama has said time and again that he will NOT sign off on any budget that includes cuts to entitlement program.

NO of course NOT…can’t cut the freebies and handouts that assure the Democrats of the votes of those dependent on the government for their survival…that can NEVER be.

And adding to this economic mess of Obama’s doing is that by October 1st Congress must agree on a stop-gap measure to keep the government funded or face a shutdown.

I say shut it down…shut the entire bloody screw-up of an Obama government down…can’t be any worse than the semi-operational one we have now.

And what say Obama to all this…his solution is to replace existing programs with alternative entitlement programs and tax reforms. Yeah, that’ll work real well won’t it…said with much sarcasm…as this simply means tax the rich even more…the rich who create the jobs…and give more free stuff to ‘the sponges’ of society. You know ’the sponges’ who contribute NOTHING yet want everything but do NOT want to work for it but will vote for who whomever gives it to them…those ‘sponges’.

Oh what a vicious cycle this man has created and it’s ‘We the People’ that are caught in the fallout, especially when it comes to jobs, as the gap widens between rich and poor thanks to the rich being taxed to the limits so that they actually cannot create much needed new jobs.

And the unemployment rate has NOT budged as the June numbers remain unchanged at 7.6% with the number of unemployed persons officially remaining at 11.8 million, and the number of long-term unemployed remains at 4.3 million, or 36.7% of the unemployed. These numbers that are NOT good at all because it means that one in three unemployed people have been out of work for at least 27 weeks. And any new jobs that were created were more likely to be part-time jobs than full-time employment.

Also, remember that even though the employer mandate been delayed by a year, the infamous ObamaCare has forced employers to keep those workers part-time to avoid employers from having to provide health insurance to all employees who work more than 30 hours per week.

So the bottom line is that while Obama bloviates that we must NOT keep focused on ‘phony scandals’ and that we must refocus on the economy, the fact remembers that the economy under Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s misguided economic policies still stinks and will continue to do so until he is out of office…which hopefully will be soon…as in can you say Benghazi…which is anything but a ‘phony scandal’.


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