Time magazine’s subtle (and not so subtle) swipes at Trump

Time's Person of the Year Donald Trump. (Twitter)
Time’s Person of the Year Donald Trump. (Twitter)

More cheap shots at Trump from the world leader in fake news…

There’s an old belief that you can see just about anything you want to see from staring at clouds, Rorschach ink blots, or any given tortilla if you just stare long enough and hard enough.

It was suggested to me today that the powers-to-be at Time magazine have been more than subliminally suggesting that Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler are one in the same.

With that said, I really have made an honest attempt to be objective when looking at both the magazine’s covers featuring their respective Man/Person of the Year.

But the style in which both portraits of the 2016 Person of the Year and the 1939 Man of the Year have some none too subtle similarities.

The two paintings have the following in common, be they of different degrees. At least I believe they do;

  • Both have a one color background, but of varying hues of that one color.
  • The central images are depicted as casting quite the eerie background shadow.
  • Both have the depiction of a spotlight from the left being cast upon them, despite the background shadow falling in the wrong place. Maybe Time magazine has the power to bend light.

Here’s the one similarity I find the most blatant.

  • Trump and Hitler are sitting in the same chair. Seen from different angles, of course, but it’s the same chair nonetheless.

Just keep in mind this is the same Time magazine that did two different covers of Trump physically melting down. Suffice it to say I consider Time about as objective and fair as the rank and file of Die Braunhemden throwing little old ladies to the ground or beating up little kids.

But in all fairness, Time has quite the historical penchant for immortalizing brown shirted Nazis.

Adolf Hitler, Time magazine's Man of the Year in 1939. (Twitter)
Adolf Hitler, Time magazine’s Man of the Year in 1939. (Twitter)

As far as Time‘s Charlotte Alter pouted in her apologia of runner-up Hillary Clinton, the Pantsuited One was described as an “American Moses.”

And as Michael Malice of Observer Media recently stated on the very late night Fox News snark-heavy Red Eye with Tom Shillue,  words to the effect of, “Of course she’s like Moses, look how many plagues she brought with her.”


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