This Woke Indoctrination Of Medical Students Into Racist, Anti-Science Cult Of Liberalism, CRT Will Make Your Head Spin (Video)

When ideology hijacks a profession, that profession forfeits objective truth to accept political correctness.

In some professions, this transformation might be benign but in others, it could be catastrophic.

For example, someone might choose a radical designer to decorate some building or another on a university campus. But you can’t do the same with an architect. If you don’t properly follow best practices and building codes, you could wind up with a situation like Miami’s tragic Surfside condominium collapse.

We need look no further than the last two years to see what happens when those we depend on for reliable information concerning our health and wellbeing get caught up in a political movement.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Our ‘experts’ marched in lockstep with ‘official’ advice. That ‘official advice’ has proved in many instances to be not just wrong, but — in some instances — catastrophically wrong. Anyone who dared to speak out was unceremoniously ridiculed, demonized, and silenced. Some even lost careers over it.

If it was that bad during the pandemic, how much worse will it be if the current crop of doctors-to-be is already regurgitating all the left’s favorite talking points?

What trade-offs are we likely to see in the future as a result of medicine imbibing the same political monoculture that has irretrievably poisoned previously-respected industries like journalism?

What ‘obvious facts’ will they be blind to for no other reason than deliberate political conditioning?

What happens to that refrain of ‘believe the science’ when we have doctors adopting ‘medical’ practices that do not submit themselves to scientific inquiry in the form of repeatable tests?

What happens when the ‘do no harm’ crowd assumes that white people are ‘problematic’, or tells us that little children can (and should!) be given puberty blockers?

What happens when these ‘authorities in lab coats’ start using the credibility of said labcoat to push hard-left public policy such as ‘universal health care’… despite Canada and the UK having serious problems in their own system such as interminable waiting lists for treatment and doctor shortages.

What happens when some shmuck in a lab coat tells us that medical science tells us that Canada’s bad habit of Doctor-assisted-suicide amazing! That it’s in the best interest of the country that we follow the example of some Canadian provinces having five percent of all deaths delivered at the hand of a Doctor who swore a Hippocratic oath whose meaning he obviously did not comprehend.

The problem with this situation isn’t just that they are politicized… it’s the life-and-death decisions and ethical quandaries that will be put in the hands of people who don’t even really believe there’s something like a legitimate objective truth that guides us.

These are the experts that will — one day — be running hospitals, universities, and policy think-tanks.

God help us all.

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