Third-grade Common Core math problem has no answer — seriously

rottencoreCommon Core has been universally condemned by just about everyone with more than one functioning brain cell — and for good reason.

The lessons are garbage, intended to turn children into mindless, indoctrinated, stupid liberal drones.  That’s bad enough.  Then there are “math” problems like this.

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That’s right — if you look closely, you’ll see there are no shaded areas…

One person had a solution that would fit right in with today’s politically-correct “education” system:

The mother provided a bit more info in another tweet:

But here’s a more likely solution:

Of course, that also works for voting, or watching “news” from the Democrat-media complex.

Twitchy added:

This problem may seem difficult, particularly for a third-grader who has just begun learning about fractions. Fortunately, the solution (click here) is quite straightforward.

I like that solution — and I aced all my college math courses.  Of course, that was back when we used actual math…




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