“There Are People Like Myself Who Were Charged with Nonviolent Misdemeanor Charges, Our Lives Are Being Torn Apart” – Walk Aways’ Brandon Straka (VIDEO)

IT is not accidental nor incidental that a growing list of political prisoners are housed within D.C. gulags — scooped up for the “crime” of legally protesting during the so-called Jan.6 insurrection — and mirror the likes of political prisoners within dictator Trudeau’s Canadian jails, yes, for the “crime” of peacefully protesting during the Trucker Convoys. What’s going on?

BUT if the above doesn’t suffice as to the brutality encouraged by so-called democratic leaders, well,


AS such, anyone who still believes that the deep state operating within America is akin to a normative democracy, well, go back to sleep. Ditto Trudeau’s Canada.

THEREFORE, those who take a stand in both countries have bull’s-eyes targeted on their backs. Literally.

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GATEWAY PUNDIT | By Joe Hoft | Feb. 27, 2022

Walkaway Campaign founder Brandon Straka was arrested for protesting the stolen 2020 Election on Jan 6, 2021 in Washington DC.  He was sentenced in January.  He recently shared about his nightmare experience with Steve Malzberg. 

Brandan Straka received his sentencing disorderly conduct near the Capitol on Jan 6 .  CNN was happy to report:

Straka had a chance to discuss the nightmare the DOJ put him through this weekend on Steve Malzberg’s ‘Eat the Press’.

During the interview, Straka shared his total disappointment with the conservative media in their reporting of Jan 6.  At the 4:05 mark in the video below Malzberg shares: “Okay, fair enough. Now, quickly, you say the conservative media has failed. With telling your story? Or in a greater context?”

Straka replies:

Anybody’s story. I attended a support group a couple of days ago for families whose lives have been torn apart. There are children who have not seen their parents in over a year. One man, five people from his family were rounded up and taken away, his children and his spouse he hasn’t seen them in over a year. These stories haven’t been told while the conservative media is fixating on things like “Who is Ray Epps?”, and “Did the FBI set up January 6th?”.

There are people like myself who were charged with nonviolent misdemeanor charges, our lives are being torn apart, and we are being put on terror watch lists and nobody is interested in telling this story. I put out a press release weeks ago to hundreds of conservative outlets, and about five people contacted me telling me that they were interested in this story. It’s a disgrace.

At the 5:05 mark, Straka talks about the preparations being made for the State Of The Union with the fence going back up around the US Capitol and National Guard being called in. Straka mentions the double standard for BLM, Antifa riots and protests versus those of the right.

Straka concludes that based on what has happened to him, “WE ARE ALREADY CANADA” (Ottawa crackdown on protesters.)

This is a great interview.  Please take a moment to watch.

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