The Uvalde, Texas School Shooting: Did Fentanyl Pull The Trigger?

First of all, let’s say the obvious about what happened in Uvalde, Texas: The most rapid and effective way to reduce or eliminate school shootings is to have metal detectors and armed guards in every school.

That is undebatable, and an urgent need.

And the Democrat argument that it’s too expensive just won’t hold water.

Major school systems received 190 BILLION dollars during the Biden administration for Covid-19 action. Very little was actually spent on Covid-related issues. And instead went to pay teachers, cover their retirement costs, and finance Transgender and Critical Race Theory programs.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

The money is there. And being spent on everything else. So why then does the political left fight against having metal detectors and armed guards in each and every school? After all, airports, big box shops, and even fast-food chain restaurants have armed security. Why not schools?

Some experts say the reason for leftist resistance is simply this (and it’s a horrible thing to contemplate): is that if school shootings stop, then the “progressive” program to disarm the American people will not succeed. But of course, that is just theory. A possible, if not horrific explanation.

Now let’s examine another potential factor in the shooting.

The present Regime in Washington, DC, has opened the southern border to massive illegal immigration, and to drug smuggling. Regarding the drugs, the nation is being flooded by Fentanyl, a deadly illegal drug.

And many accounts are surfacing about people ingesting Fentanyl without knowing it. Mixed with cannabis, or put in foods or drink. It happens and everyone knows it now, particularly in areas where the Fentanyl flood is strong, such as in the southern border areas.

Now based on comments by the family of the school shooter, he loved his family, and particularly his grandmother. She had just taken him out to a birthday dinner.

It then seems strange that he would shoot his grandmother, apparently somehow related to a phone bill. It doesn’t compute, unless we look at many other factors. Here we look at just one: Fentanyl.

Uvalde is a border town. And the possibility that it has escaped the Fentanyl flood is zero.

Open borders of the Regime in Washington, DC, have consequences. And among them are crimes committed by people influenced by ingesting Fentanyl. As well as of course around 100,000 Fentanyl overdose deaths.

Could Fentanyl (or other drug) be a factor in this case? Only an autopsy could tell, and even that is not certain one way or another at this stage of the investigation.

Democrat open borders have consequences, and this horrific heart-breaking tragedy in Uvalde could in some way be one of them.

But while examining the possible link to the open border smuggling, the first and rapid step must simply be this;

Don’t stop until every single school has metal detectors, and armed guards (preferably veterans, retired law officers… all trained for this job specifically).

In addition, arm the teachers who are qualified and train them, along with metal detectors and any professional armed guards.

School shootings will drop to near zero, and those that occur will be over very very rapidly, with a negative outcome for the shooter.

We can not let the “progressives” continue their opposition to metal detectors and armed guards. Within 60 days, every school in America could be protected. Let’s do it.

Dr. Joel S Holmes is an engineer working in hydropower. Also a specialist in the history of codes and code cracking.

He applies engineering methods to the threats facing Americans today, to provide concrete steps to restore peace, tranquility and the rule of law. His many books (on Amazon) deal with these subjects.

These self-help books are based on the motto: Be Prepared


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