The Ungovernable Factor. ‘Democrats Cheer and Condone Violence’ – Donald Trump Jr

Donald Trump Jr posted a video on Twitter that showed Democrats, celebrities, pundits and leftist media types cheering and condoning violence.  It’s been this way since Trump was elected. Though Don Jr is taking some extreme obnoxious remarks for his post (as usual), he is totally correct. Democrats, the media and their cronies promote, cheer, and condone the violence. But it’s all part of the promise of “ungovernable”  that was the excuse of leftists when Donald Trump was elected over Hillary.

Screenshot of Nancy Pelosi via C-SPAN

Because Democrats and their media buddies have stood firmly against Trump and in the camp of radicals, the left has openly declared their intent to turn America into a socialist, Marxist nation. But the Democrats are totally blind to it by now. They are living in hate.

Watch the video here:

In the early days of the Trump administration, we had “mad” Maxine Waters tell her followers to harass anyone – ANYONE- from the Trump administration wherever they are. That led to the DHS Secretary being unable to eat her lunch in peace, and the Press Secretary being refused service at a restaurant, among other instances. It was horrific.

Don’t ever forget the shooting of Rep Steve Scalise and others as they were playing baseball with Congress members. The shooter was a Bernie Sanders follower.

The radicals who harassed Senators during the Kavanaugh hearings as they tried to enter an elevator, or eat their lunch, or tried to walk down the halls of Congress.

The escalation of violence is growing worse each day. Rep Ayanna Pressley recently said, “There needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives.” That’s inciting violence and yet nothing happens to her.

Ilhan Omar called Minneapolis police a “cancer” that needs to be cut out. Nothing happens to her either.

Celebrities and other  left wing activists have called for the death of Trump supporters and even Trump himself. From plays that pretend to kill a Trump-like figure to a liberal teacher who shot a water pistol at a Trump image in class, the liberal rage is never-ending.

Madonna even wanted to blow up the White House. And one Secret Service Agent had to be transferred because she publicly said she wouldn’t take a bullet for Trump.

The Ungovernable threat

Let me remind you of something that was put out by leftists/socialists when Trump came on the scene: they stated they were going to make the United States UNGOVERNABLE. It’s been working so well that reasonable conversations with any of these people is impossible. It’s a true Socialist agenda hidden by Democrats and the media who just want to make noise.

Democrats pretend to be concerned over the violence, or over the patriot who was killed, but by their words AND inaction they are condoning the violence.

Mayor Wheeler in Portland is so deep into his Trump-hate that he can’t even ask for help for his beleaguered city. The Oregon State Police are going back there again this week after the murder of a Trump supporter. But will they be allowed to do anything helpful to quell the violence?

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