The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…so help me God

The truth…thanks to Barack HUSSEIN Obama and the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Louis Farrakhan and a host of other ‘supposed’ black leaders, race relations in our country have been set back 50 or more years, and the newest ground zero for this setback is the George Zimmerman murder trial.

The whole truth…by making Trayvon Martin the center point for this group of white-hating bigots who are being aided and abetted by an in-the-pocket for Obama media, race became the focal point and changed the equation in a simple ‘stand your ground’ self-defense case turning it into a trial about manufactured and manipulated racial hatred.

And nothing but the truth…American jurisprudence and the words ‘and justice for all’ have become twisted and perverted as healed over old racial wounds have been ripped open to expose a new breed of hatred that’s pitting black against white in a case staged for political theater…political theater as Obama and his minions stoke these new racial tensions to exploit this case to a crisis level that never should have been.So help me God…Barack “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin” HUSSEIN Obama butt into something he had NO business butting into, jumping on the racial ‘hate whitey’ bandwagon led by these blacks ‘of name’ whose own moral characters have been called into question over the years, as they forced a case to go public that NEVER should have been in the public venue to begin with…forced a case to be about race that was NEVER about race and now is all about race.The George Zimmerman case is in reality a simple case of self-defense (‘Stand Your Ground’) but sadly in today’s America we are letting a small, vocal, militant, black minority tarnish the gains and respect the vast majority of Americans who happen to be black (NO hyphenated Americans for me) have made over the years, as they cry out in angry hate-filled voices that another white man murdered yet another innocent black child for what they perceive as for NO reason other than he was black.

And a liberal, bleeding heart, white judge like Judge Debra Nelson, who outwardly and unabashedly sides with the above mentioned vile ilk and the prosecution, helps in perpetrating this new racial divide either out of personal fear or just out of shear cowardice in being afraid of the repercussions that small, vocal, militant, black minority might do if Zimmerman is found innocent…as in doing what they always do when they don’t get their way…taking to the streets and rioting because, in this case, how dare that white man be found innocent even if he is innocent.

The simple fact is that George Zimmerman is being railroaded to appease and diffuse this small, vocal, militant, black minority as ruling after ruling by this judge do NOT allow the true character of Trayvon Martin to be called into evidence, yet George Zimnerman’s character, perceived motives, and supposed (but untrue) racism is heralded at every turn. Trayvon Martin is being portrayed as a sweet angelic 17-year old child who just ‘happened’ to be walking through a townhouse complex one rainy night…a portrait being aided by a media that keeps showing him in pictures from when he was 12-years old instead of showing him as he looked the night he was killed…a six foot tall, muscled thug in a hoodie being where he had NO business being for he knew NO one in that complex…NO one.

Being in a complex that had been having a rash of burglaries and robberies to such a degree that a citizen watch group had to patrol the area when the police couldn’t. A thug who had just been suspended from school for drugs (who was under the influence of drugs on the night he was killed as per autopsy results), a thug whose school locker when opened by authorities was loaded with watches and jewelery…his…you decide…and NONE of this was allowed into evidence. Nor were his cellphone text messages about fighting and purchasing a gun, photos of his homegrown marijuana plants, blowing smoke from a joint, a gun in a hand that was probably his, a naked teen…NONE of it was allowed into evidence. There was also a Facebook posting from a half-brother asking Trayvon when he was going to teach him how to fight….NOT allowed. And a defense computer-generated animation depicting the struggle between Martin and Zimmerman also NOT allowed.

All NOT allowed because it would tarnish the angelic image of a sweet innocent child supposedly racially profiled, targeted, and then murdered by a white man for NO other reason than this sweet child was black…an image instigated by white-hating black leaders and fed into by the media as our nation is being held hostage with threats of violence by the likes of the New Black Panthers if that image is tarnished or if Zimmerman is dared to be found innocent.

And so the bottom line in this case remains NOT truth and surely NOT justice but race…race and appeasing and catering to that small, vocal, militant, black minority so they don’t act up and riot, and if George Zimmerman must be thrown to the wolves to do that so it shall be…unless and this is a gamble…unless this jury has the guts and courage to do the right thing and say these race manipulated maneuvers be damned….evidence and truth will be how this case is decided.

I’m NOT going to hold my breath for that but will be pleasantly surprised if truth does win out over intimidation and threats….and then we’ll see if our president (gag) has the decency to diffuse a volatile situation of his own making by warning that small, vocal, militant, black minority against any rioting. If he does then race relations can start moving forward again much to the chagrin of certain other afore mentioned ‘supposed’ leaders who happen to be black, and if he doesn’t all hell could break lose.

But again…I’m NOT holding my breath for Barack HUSSEIN Obama to do the right thing as he NEVER has before so why should he start now.


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