The Tolerant Left: “Kill the NRA” Billboards in Kentucky


We’ve known for some time now that anti-gunners and left wing activists are intolerant and full of rage. But when a billboard in Kentucky appeared just off the Fern Valley Road Exit on I-65 that said “Kill the NRA,” the NRA posted a warning: “Here’s an image from Kentucky, this morning. To all American gun owners, this is a wakeup call. They’re coming after us.”

Molon Labe – Come and Take

Whether or not most of the crazies on the left have the guts to try to “come for us” is a question, but situational awareness has now become paramount in everything. Kentucky residents do not appear to be very happy with the sign, since a large percentage of Kentuckians are hunters.

The group that put the message on the billboard is called “Resist 45” whose Facebook page was taken down. They openly “resist” our 45th President and advocate any means necessary to do it.

The company that owns the billboard, “Outfront Media” says the message was “vandalism” and not part of any advertising package. It has been on the billboard since Friday, Feb 16. Though they told WSMV they were going to take it down, as of Feb 19, it had not been removed.

The left continues its disturbing form of “tolerance.”


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@PrisonPlanet @infowars @RealAlexJones As a Kentuckian I’m deeply disturbed by this. I hope these people are found and jailed. There are approx 4 million people in KY and vast majority are gun owners. Huge state for hunting and shooting sports.

“Kill the NRA” was put on a billboard… FYI. The NRA = American voters. The left is threatening violence against NRA members.

Using threats of death to promote anti 2A agenda.. seems a little conflicted to me.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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