The Swamp Desperately Hunting for Top-Secret CIA Binder

Is this what the FBI was looking for at Mar-a-Lago?

A new report on Thursday states that there is a “desperate search” on for a missing Top-Secret CIA Binder from the Obama administration that may reveal how the Crossfire Hurricane investigation was set up by then CIA Chief John Brennan. The binder went missing in 2021 and the Swamp is having a fit. Someone got that top secret binder out of Langley, and no one knows (yet) who did it. Was the FBI searching Mar-a-Lago for this 10-inch binder?

The Top-Secret CIA Binder from Obama’s watch

Journalists Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi, and Alex Gutentag worked together on the report that has the Deep State worried. The report contains raw information that then CIA Director John Brennan coordinated with other intelligence agencies to create the false Russian Collusion narrative against Donald Trump. President Trump’s attempts to declassify it the day before he left the White House were constantly thwarted by the intelligence community.

“…they exposed how the CIA worked with the top intelligence agencies of our allies to spy on Trump associates long before the FBI signed off on their official counterintelligence probe in the summer of 2016. The CIA pegged 26 Trump associates to be surveilled illegally–all conducted to take down Trump. And now, there’s this binder cataloging these felonious intelligence operations that’s now in the open. It disappeared during the Trump presidency, but it’s also fitting that CNN left the first breadcrumb, written by the IC’s favorite scribe—Natasha Bertrand—who just got a promotion.  

The trio details Trump’s fight with the IC, the National Archives and Records Administration, and the Department of Justice to declassify the Russigate documents. Trump’s CIA director, Gina Haspel, has been hell on wheels in blocking its disclosure, possibly because, as London bureau chief, she was one of the signatories that green-lit the Russian collusion investigation when the FBI asked her. The reasons for refusing to disclose these documents are the usual: people will die if declassified. No, it just exposed the IC’s rogue operations against the political rival of the then-sitting president. It went missing in 2021. The binder was compiled by House investigators under the watchful eye of the CIA in 2019-2020, though at some point—someone was able to get it out of Langley (via Public).” Matt Vespa at Townhall

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Above the law?

The report contradicts the FBI’s explanation that it began spying on Mr. Trump’s campaign in July 2016. The agency has said it started the investigation only after receiving unsolicited information from foreign allies who had discovered, incidentally, that Mr. Trump’s advisers were working with Russians to damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign…

The source said Mr. Brennan, not randomly discovered evidence of collusion, spurred the investigation.

House Republicans have long accused the Obama administration of illegally and baselessly spying on the former president.

“The only thing we got wrong about it is, it was worse than we thought,” said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, Ohio Republican.

The Washington Times contacted the FBI, and a spokesperson declined to comment.

“If the top-secret documents exist proving these charges, they are potentially proof that multiple U.S. intelligence officials broke laws against spying and election interference,” Mr. Shellenberger and the journalists reported. Susan Ferrechio, Washington Times

To clarify- the top-secret CIA binder contains evidence of a conspiracy that makes other scandals look like a Mickey Mouse Club party. The investigation we now know as “Crossfire Hurricane” was what disgraced FBI agent Peter Strozk referred to as an “insurance policy” while talking to his attorney lover Lisa Page. The plan went seriously awry when Trump was actually elected in spite of the “investigations” and narratives pushed by the FBI, CIA, and other intelligence agencies. The SWAMP wanted Trump gone and throughout his term did everything they could to derail his presidency, including make up lies that the media used as propaganda for ordinary uninformed voters to believe.

Illegal surveillance, illegal wiretaps, it was a conspiracy at the highest levels of the government. And they are still at it.



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