The stupid continues: Rachel Dolezal says no proof her parents are really her parents

dolezal7On Tuesday, Rachel Dolezal, the former Spokane NAACP chapter president who resigned amid controversy over her race, doubled down on her claim, telling the “Today” show she identifies as black.

After that, she appeared on “NBC Nightly News” to discuss her identity with Savannah Guthrie.  In that interview, she said there’s no proof her parents are really her parents…  Seriously.  Here’s a partial transcript, posted at

“I know who raised me. I haven’t had a DNA test, there’s been no biological proof that Larry and Ruthanne are my biological parents.

I’m not necessarily saying that I can prove that they’re not, but I don’t know that I actually can prove they are. I mean, the birth certificate is issued a month and a half after I’m born… There were no medical witnesses to my birth.

I definitely am not white. Nothing about being white describes who I am. So, what’s the word for it? The closest thing that I can come to is, ‘if you’re black or white?’ I’m black. I’m more black than I am white.”

Video below:

My reaction?

stupid-burnsWhat say you?


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