The Still Report: #QAnon is a Deep State PsyOps Operation

#QAnon fans aren’t going to be real happy to know they’ve been suckered by a Deep State PsyOp after viewing Bill Still’s recent revelation.

On January 5, 2019, Bill Still of The Still Report broke a long period of silence about #QAnon to express his view that it is a deep state operation designed to quiet the conservatives until 2020 when Clinton’s crimes can be buried by a new liberal administration.

Since the beginning of the #QAnon phenomenon, I believed it to be a hack job. With so many friends buying into it, I held my tongue lest they deride me for voicing my opinion without losing their friendship. Now we have the evidence to support the thesis, thanks to Bill Still of The Still Report.

QAnon devotees have achieved near cult status if you follow your friends on social media. Other media outlets have bought into the phenomena also by adding the letter “Q” to their names so as to be identified as followers of the “Cult of Q.”

Call it what you like, but that is what I call it because of its’ cult-like nature and their following. We encourage other conservative pundits to end their silence about the #QAnon phenomenon, because as Bill Still has demonstrated, it has actually had a positive impact on his visibility on the Internet for having the courage to call it out as fake news psyop that it really is.

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