The Skillful Sleuth Gets Kerryed Away

250px-CabinetGWB07Cabinet Meeting.  (Kerry is the one with the Botox I.V.)

John Kerry attends his first cabinet meeting and our good friend, the Powerhouse of Patriotism, got it for us.

Obama:  We have a new addition.  Tell us all your name and something about yourself.

Kerry:  My name is John Kerry, I fought in Viet Nam where I received a hangnail and 3 purple hearts and I can see Rhode Island from my house.

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Biden:  That’s good.  You can keep an eye on your yacht.

In Unison:  Shut up, Joe!!!

Obama:  Is it fast?

Biden:  Yes, it’s a swift boat.

In Unison:  Shut up, Joe!!!

Obama:  Can I come up for a ride sometime?

Kerry:  Sure.  And I’ll prepare a large tray of those shrimp snacks you like so much.

Obama:  Thanks, John.

Biden:  That way his rich white liberal friends will think you are with the caterer.

In Unison:  Shut up, Joe!!!

Kerry:  I met with Hilary Rosen yesterday, and she said I should play up my marriage with some kind of cute nicknake like BenLo.

Biden:  How about Cash and Kerry?  Dumb and Dumberer?  Ter-Sissyboy?

In Unison:  Shut up, Joe!!!

Obama:  I’m counting on you to be every bit as knowledgeable and capable as Hillary was.

Kerry:  What policy?

Biden:  Well, he’s got that part down pat.

In Unison:  Shut up, Joe!!!

Obama:  Joe, I told you, John isn’t running for president in 2016.

Biden:  Then explain the Kerry ’16 buttons your kids were wearing.

In Unison:  Shut up, Joe!!!


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