THE REPLACEMENTS: Biden Regime To Offer Nearly Half A Million Jobs To Venezuelan Migrants Flooding Through America’s Southern Border

(Natural News) As illegal alien migrants continue to pour across the border by the tens of thousands and get relocated to New York City and other Democrat strongholds by Republican leaders, the bureaucrats who run said Democrat strongholds have resorted to begging fake president Joe Biden to offer all these undesirables work permits so they can get out of the elite’s backyards as quickly as possible – and Biden is complying.

According to reports, “the big guy” just agreed to make roughly 470,000 work permits available to Venezuelan migrants who qualify for them, which will allow these illegals to enter the workforce. All Venezuelan migrants who arrived in the U.S. by July 31 are eligible for the program, which is known as Temporary Protected Status or TPS.

The TPS program allows qualifying Venezuelans to work legally in the U.S. for 18 months while being federal protected against deportation. In other words, they are basically being granted amnesty and handed jobs that American citizens would otherwise work.

“It is critical that Venezuelans understand that those who have arrived here after July 31, 2023 aren’t eligible for such protection, and instead will be removed when they are found to not have a legal basis to stay,” announced Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

(Related: Many illegal alien migrant children are afflicted with serious diseases like tuberculosis that they carry with them across the border while infecting others along the way – and Biden is to blame.)

As Democrats get a taste of their own medicine, suddenly nobody wants to deal with all these illegals roving the country – even the “bleeding hearts”

The Wall Street Journal says “blue-state officials,” meaning the leaders of Democrat strongholds, have made it their top priority to get all these illegals jobs and a pathway out of their areas. The TPS program does just that by creating a shortcut around existing immigration law.

Asylum seekers are not technically allowed to receive a work permit in the U.S. for at least the first six months after submitting an asylum application. The TPS program skirts around that law, allowing Democrats to get what they want for the illegals flooding their cities.

“The U.S. has virtually no ability to deport people to Venezuela once they arrive because Washington has no diplomatic ties with the South American nation,” the Journal explains.

“Until now, top officials with the White House and Department of Homeland Security had refused to consider that option, arguing behind closed doors that such a move would ultimately serve as a draw for even more migrants to head for the U.S. border, according to people familiar with their conversations.”

Other Democrat strongholds filled with illegal migrants that plan to utilize the TPS program include Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Boston.

Once these Venezuelans are handed jobs, they will then be kicked out of the city-run migrant shelters in these various Democrat enclaves and be forced to support themselves. So much for all those “loving” left-wing “we welcome our immigrant neighbors” yard signs, eh?

The Venezuelan migrant problem is particularly challenging for Biden since about 7.1 million Venezuelans currently live outside their country, mostly in neighboring countries – but lately an increasingly larger number of them are rushing towards the U.S. border after exhausting all other Latin American options.

Once they are here, Venezuelans cannot be deported because, again, D.C. has no diplomatic ties with the South American nation, which has largely collapsed and become a third-world police state devoid of economic opportunities, not to mention food.

The illegal alien invasion will not stop until the nation, formerly a viable republic, implodes into dust. Learn more at InvasionUSA.news.

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