The real Obama Cocaine Benghazi question that has yet to be answered

Barack Obama still hasn't accounted for where he was the night of Benghazi
Barack Obama still hasn’t accounted for where he was the night of Benghazi

Despite the best and deliberately dishonest attempts by the blatantly biased liberal media to distort the issue, no one really seriously claimed that President Barack Obama was using cocaine the night Benghazi was attacked by terrorist and four Americans quite needlessly died there. The question was raised, as a question not a claim, in speculation that since we did not know where Obama was during those hours, and what he was doing when he supposed to be doing his job, that perhaps he was getting high on cocaine while hanging out with Reggie Love instead. Blogger Kevin DuJan raised this issue, with the challenge to Obama to be accountable and tell us where he was and what he was doing during those hours. A perfectly reason question, it was, to ask the president to tell us where he was and what he was doing when we have every reason to expect he was doing his job.

I wrote an article echoing DuJan’s concerns, and in hoping to bring the very legitimate question to a larger audience, make it more known that the president needs to be held accountable for apparently not doing his job while four Americans died in Benghazi. My article got more than 30,000 reads before an un-named person complained about the article and caused to be unpublished. The original article, unedited and uncensored, is republished on my own site here.

While many conservative web sites, that normally criticized Barack Obama, and also wanted him held accountable for Benghazi, echoed the article, the far left wing outlets of the media made fun of the article and ignored and/or trivialized the real issues involved. Four Americans unnecessarily died, and they paid no concern to that at all.

A far left site called “the New Civil Rights Movement” published this statement, “Proving there is no distance too far the right will go to attack Obama, gay conservative Kevin DuJan claims that President Barack Obama is gay and was “was high on cocaine the night of Benghazi.”

The problem with this claim is, it’s not exactly what DuJan wrote. DuJan pointed out there is a reason for the White House to stonewall on answering a question, and wrote, “Since the White House deliberately is insisting that it’s “irrelevant” where Obama was during those missing hours that Lowry has asked about, we must assume I’m correct and the President of the United States was incapacitated from heavy narcotics use.”

Then DuJan summed up his argument, by writing, “I would gladly retract this story if the White House would sufficiently explain Barack Obama’s whereabouts during those missing hours and prove he was not out of his mind on cocaine at the time (or gluttonously engaged in gay sex, as my friend Justine believes.).”

DuJan was challenging the White House to account for where the president was, and what he was doing, during those missing hours. The notion that he might have been doing cocaine was a notion that the president could have easily refuted by instead telling us what he really was doing during those missing hours.

If the tactics being used here sounds familiar, it is because, it is. Harry Reid did the same exact thing in the Summer of 2012 when he insisted that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes. Reid went so far as to say his proof of this claim was from a friend, that he didn’t name, and I would imagine was not named Justine. Reid had less basis to claim Romney hadn’t paid his taxes, than DuJan who has knowledge about the behavior of cocaine addicts, did to suggest that maybe former cocaine user Barack Obama had relapsed in the White House during the night of Benghazi.

Just the notion that an admitted cocaine addiction who has become president might relapse under the strains and stress of being president, is so far out there and outlandish that such a notion should not even be imagined much less written about. Who would believe that a president would do cocaine in the White House, any more than we’d ever believe that any president would have sexual relations with an internet in the Oval Office using cigars as a sex toy? No of course not, that could never happen.

The ultra liberal and far left Huffington Post had to write about the issue and get their share of clicks online from it too. They wrote, “Ah, so maybe this was all just a weird attempt at trolling that everyone was supposed to ignore.” and then added this, “But unfortunately, Dean “Unskew The Polls” Chambers thought that Justine from California was making a lot of sense, so he penned a piece for the Examiner website taking the whole shebang quite seriously.”

What was then and is now being taken seriously is what the far left doesn’t want to address, that four Americans were killed that night and we had a president that was doing who-knows-what, who-knows-where, during that time. Mitt Romney’s tax returns didn’t kill anyone, but the leftwing media sure took that seriously, on the basis of Harry Reid’s claim of having had a friend inform him that Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes, but yet no leftwing media outlet, including the Huffing and puffington Post ever made an effort to demand the president disclose where he was and what he was doing the night and hours when the terrorist attack happened in Benghazi and four Americans were killed. No, they wanted still to see Mitt Romney’s tax returns.

There were so many other leftwing sites and news outlets deliberately distorting this issue, it’s not worth giving them any more attention. They can easily be found via Google searches.
But the point remains, the real question has not been answered yet. We still do not know what the president was doing, and where he was, during those hours the night of September 11, 2012 when he should have been doing his job. We still do not know. All we do know is, four American died, and it should not have happened, and it appears the president did nothing to prevent it.

Where were you? What were you doing during those hours, Mr. President? Why not answer the question for once?

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