The plot thickens: Report shows interesting connection between Kavanaugh accusers Ford and Swetnick

The soap opera surrounding allegations leveled against Judge Brett Kavanaugh just took an interesting turn.  According to a report at the Wall Street Journal, two of Kavanaugh’s accusers — Christine Blasey Ford and Julie Swetnick — share a very interesting link, in the form of Trump-hating attorney Debra Katz.

According to the report, Swetnick was involved in a sexual harassment complaint against her employer at the time — New York Life Insurance Co. — and it turns out she was represented by the firm run by Katz, the attorney now representing Ford.

Coincidence?  Many are saying no.

That was our initial response as well.

Indeed it does.

This goes beyond “fishy.”

Naturally, there are those who see a conspiracy.

It certainly does appear to be an orchestrated effort to destroy a good man.  Hopefully, Republicans in the Senate will grow a backbone and take the appropriate action to put this to a screeching halt.

This, by the way, comes after Swetnick’s allegations have been found to have more holes than a block of Swiss cheese.  And keep in mind that the reliably liberal New York Times was unable to independently corroborate any of her allegations.


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