The Non-Insurrection: 40,000 Hours Of Jan. 6 Video Finally Reviewed

They lied!

That was the conclusion of Tucker Carlson’s review of 40,000 hours of the so-called “insurrection” at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. It was a sham. A not-so-clever ruse. Are you surprised?

The media establishment, Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney, every Democrat in Congress, Big Tech – they all lied to the American people. It wasn’t an “insurrection” after all.

Five cops were not killed; only Ashli Babbitt was murdered by a deranged Capitol policeman. Most of the “protesters” were peaceful, cameras revealed. They were taking pictures, mostly, as they were ushered into the building by the police.

Jacob Chansley, a Navy veteran and the man dubbed as the “QAnon Shaman,” never posed a threat. He was escorted, instead, by three to nine policemen. He prayed for them, the tapes revealed, which should make you wonder why he’s serving four years in jail now for his role in the kerfuffle.

Carlson referred accurately to the Jan. 6 demonstration as neither an “insurrection nor deadly.”

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After all this time – more than two years – the truth is finally told on national TV. This is exactly what I, and a crowd of a million people, witnessed in Washington that day.

Why did it take so long to see this footage? Because we don’t have a free press in America. We had what President Donald Trump calls “the House Un-select Committee” and a group of undercover agents of unknown three-letter agencies dictating our reality.

Even today, the “fake news’ bemoans Tucker Carlson’s take on Jan. 6 after the first time the American people got its first glimpse of this treasure trove of outtakes from the mostly unseen tapes.

What do they call it? They label it “video provided by Speaker McCarthy, falsely depict[ing] Jan. 6 riot as a peaceful gathering,” on NBC.

The first batch of footage showed Trump supporters peacefully touring the building, “sightseers” as Carlson put it, but the footage of the rioters overwhelmingly consumed the news coverage of Jan. 6, which many in D.C. have compared to 9/11, the Civil War and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

I can’t wait for the next four days of Tucker’s releases on Fox News.

About the so-called “QAnon Shaman,” Carlson depicted a real-life atrocity. “If he was in fact committing such a grave crime, why didn’t the officers who were standing right next to him place him under arrest?”

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine called the charges against Chansley “very sad,” observing that the footage proves he was “harmless.”

“You can see the way those people were walking through the Capitol … they are walking meekly, politely queuing, very peaceable,” Devine said. “They don’t mean any harm. They are treating the Capitol with reverence. That doesn’t excuse the others, the minority of the protesters who did break windows and fight police and injure police and cause mayhem. But the people who are now being picked up, and some of them have been jailed without trial for months, even years on end, did not commit violence. They walked through open doors, they were escorted by police, they felt that this was okay. And I think Jacob Chansley is a classic example of that.”

One person who became a household name was Officer Brian Sicknick, whom the media alleged was “attacked” by the mob and for days falsely claimed was hit in the head and murdered by Trump supporters with a fire extinguisher. Yet Sicknick was seen on one of the newly released videos, after his supposed murder, walking normally while guiding Trump supporters out of the building as he wore a helmet. He later died of a reported stroke unrelated to Jan. 6 events.

Liz Cheney’s “Un-select Committee” pushed the narrative that some of their GOP colleagues aided rioters ahead of Jan. 6, singling out Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga., of leading a “reconnaissance mission” through the Capitol building the day before. In reality, Loudermilk was seen in footage giving a tour in a congressional building down the street to constituents, none of whom were linked to the so-called “insurrection.”

I can’t wait for the next installments Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the truth about Jan. 6. There’s a lot more to learn.

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