The New Israel of Capsized Morality:

American Thinker, By Adina Kutnicki

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American Thinker

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” — Albert Einstein

“What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.” — King Solomon

“Six of one, half a dozen of the other.” — British Naval Officer Ralph Clark

First things first: it is imperative for westerners to cease “explaining” away centuries-long, Islamist terror. For the more curious, its basis can be found in Chapter 33 of the Islamic holy book, Muhammad’s Koran, which means “Recital.” Unwaveringly, it is the recital of their prophet — a madman!

Alas, for this go-around, the following recaps must be deemed snippets of the jihad enveloping the Jewish Homeland, both foreign and domestically fueled. Yet, for the purpose of time and space, this analysis will exclude all of the precursors to the so-called “spontaneous” jihadi combustions plaguing the domestic front — not to be conflated with the domestic Marxists running rampant via “mob rule.” See the following headlines:

  1. Cleared for publication: Rina and Maia Dee murdered in Jordan Valley terror attack and Maia and Rina laid to rest in double grave.
  2. Terrorist ramming attack kills one injures 7
  3. IDF: 6 rockets from Syria at Golan Heights
  4. 2 more rockets fired at Israel from Lebanon and On Passover night: Gaza terrorists fire two rockets towards southern Israel
  5. Jordan Valley terrorist still at large

(Atop countless other Islamist attacks to cite!)

Assuredly, the above are (samplings of) the bitter fruits of the “New Israeli” — humiliation + prostration + enemy incitement = rewards/incentives for continuous bloodletting! A “natural” calculus.

Most significantly, for the historical record, let’s document (a few of) the ways in which the innocent become the offenders and perpetrators become the victims — complete inversion. Read on:

  1. A (Jewish) Samaria man was detained and his car impounded after drawing a pepper spray pistol in self defense.
  2. Over 21,000 PA entered…Israel this morning…most of them en-route to Friday afternoon prayers at the Temple Mount. Last Friday, approximately 52,000 PA Arabs entered the country, etc.
  3. Israeli police are restricting Jewish access to part of the Old City of Jerusalem…during the first intermediate day of the Passover festival. Honenu claimed to have received multiple reports Friday from Orthodox Jews attempting to reach the Western Wall…that they have been denied entry by Border Police officers, while Arabs, non-Jewish tourists, and others who are not visibly Jewish were permitted to continue on their way.
  4. Government to ban Jewish entry to Temple Mount during Final 10 days of Ramadan.

Par for their bent course, around and around the Israeli “crazy train”goes, as it wends its way through the Jewish maimed, and buried, littering the streets!

Madness. In Hebrew: שִׁגָעוֹן

The Einstein-inspired original question becomes: Why would the supposed Jewish leadership, once again, signal surrender, and thereby alert Islamist jihadis that Israel is up for grabs? Per the Times of Israel:

Israel wants to avoid wider conflicts on multiple fronts and move away from major escalations in Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem, and the West Bank, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly conveyed to senior ministers on Friday….

Read on, that is, for an essential piggyback — query.

How can it be that since the last Ramadan war in May 2021 (yes, Israel’s Arab-Muslim communities played a significant role in the violence, as aiders and abettors, akin to an absolute blitzkrieg), that the aggressors were left standing and unmolested to re-group, re-arm, and re-initiate the fighting?

For those who prefer auditory and visual aids (attesting to “there is nothing new under the sun”), listen up to this writer’s beloved brother, Terrorist Cop, or Morty Dzikansky. (Dzikansky is a retired NYPD homicide detective, the “expert of all jihadi experts”, and an American-Israeli, too.) Furthermore, see my additional writings on the subject here and here.

Truth dare be told, the only logical conclusion is this: Jewish blood is expendable to the “New Israelis” sitting astride Israel’s helm — be they left, center, or right.

Take an honest look back to 2005, a time when the most heinous, brutish, wrecking balls were perpetrated by a so-called right-winger — that is, PM Sharon, AKA “the bull-dozer” — against the most law-abiding Jews in Israel. Mind you, in juxtaposition to internal traitors, Marxists and Islamists were treated with kid gloves.

Without ever atoning for their sins, the governmental, military, media enablers (many of whom were promoted) committed the gravest of crimes as they rendered tens of thousands of loyal Jews into refugees within the Homeland. Naturally, as a knock-on effect, Gush Katif turned into Gaza’s “Hamastan”, with all of the attendant jihadi onslaughts, up through this day! Perfectly summed up: “The Paradox of Israeli Politics: Vote Right, Get Left”.

The treachery. Never forgive. Never forget.

When leadership strives to be Israeli as opposed to Jewish (whether religious or secular), it goes against the (mental) grain to strike a final and decisive blow to enemy hordes threatening the safety of Israel’s people.

Decidedly, the bandied about “strategic” calculi — so-called “proportionality” and “de-escalation” — amounts to one and the same: pile-ups of dead Jews!

Again, it stands to “reason” why, and how, Israel hasn’t won a clear victory over murderous zealots, since the 1967 War of Annihilation. After all, they “gave away the farm” so to speak. After conceding the heart of Zion, The Temple Mount, The Holy of Holies, well, the “New Israelis” added on more gifts: chunks of Judea and Samaria — the heart of Judaism! Ipso facto, why would the Islamists stop attacking?

And while many Israelis have come to see this abnormal situation as “business as usual” trust, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Concomitantly, in March 2015, the interviewer asked this American-Israeli writer: “Can Israel Survive As The Jewish State?” As excerpted:

To discuss the Zionist perspective on the future of the Jewish state, the Inquisitr welcomes back Adina Kutnicki for another no-holds-barred interview, Adina is an investigative journalist, Political Commentator and security expert who has never hesitated to speak out on behalf Israel and the Jewish people. She is committed to maintaining the Jewish character of the world’s only homeland for the Jewish people with an undivided Capital in Jerusalem.

Israel is now surrounded by well-armed bitter enemies, none of whom are calling for a Palestinian state to exist side-by-side in peace with the Jewish state of Israel. Instead, they have all called for the destruction of Israel and the creation of an Islamic Palestinian state from the river to the sea. These enemies include Hamas in Gaza, Syria and Lebanon in the North and the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria.

In the north, Syrian troops, Hezbollah and ISIS have set up positions in the Golan Heights near the Israeli border. Lebanon, ruled by Hezbollah, has literally thousands of Iranian-supplied rockets aimed at Israel’s civilian population centers, which they will launch any time Iran gives them a green light. Hamas in Gaza is bragging that they are rearming and digging new tunnels, and they have openly declared they intend to wage a war of extermination against every Jew on earth. The Palestinian Authority says whatever they have to in English to keep the foreign aid flowing, but in Arabic, they too talk about eliminating Israel, and there are several heavily armed terror group [sic] in Judea and Samaria that are all affiliated with the Palestinian Authority.

History repeats.

To wit, it begs the ultimate question: when will the “sacrifices of peace” (Jewish blood ) suffice to satiate political guilt complexes?

Summarily, the above instances tally-up the oft-crowed, naked truths from Muhammad’s barbarians at (and inside) Israel’s gates:

The demise of the Jewish peoples’ patrimony courses through “death by a thousand cuts” via a “salami-style” victory.

Pray tell: who are the real crazies?

Adina Kutnicki is an investigative journalist, living in Israel since 2008. Her work concentrates on militant Islamic jihad and its western knock-on effects, as well as the red/green alliance. She is the co-author of BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad, She blogs at: Adina Kutnicki, A Zionist & Conservative Blog (www.adinakutnicki.com) and is an op-ed contributor at several news sites.

(Cross-referenced at: Adina Kutnicki: A Zionist & Conservative Blog)

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