The new face of ISIS; the club kid nicknamed ‘Cowgirl’

cowgirl facebookFor those who thought all Islamic jihadists were exclusively bearded Muslim males between the ages of 16 to 35 and not so nattily attired in all back dishdasha thobes, of course with the occasional female sporting the latest in burka haute couture with a bomb vest secreted beneath, you better guess again. The stereotypical look of Islamic jihadists just made a seismic shift, much to the chagrin of security personnel everywhere attempting to protest their respective people and nation from the sanguine goals of jihadists across the globe.

As co-reported by Paul Aubriat and Clément Zampa, both of the Agence France-Presse (AFP) news service (via Yahoo! News), and also by Tom Minear of Melbourne, Australia’s Herald Sun, both Nov. 19, 2015, the booze and drug fueled club kid nicknamed “Cowgirl” is the new face of Islamist terror. Known for her penchant for American-style cowboy hats and Western boots, the pretty Paris-born and bred wild child is actually named Hasna Ait Boulahcen, the daughter of a Moroccan-Muslim immigrant.

Only just released, French police are telling the media that Boulahce just so happens to be the cousin of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, one of the senior ringleaders in last Friday’s massacres which killed and wounded hundreds of innocent Parisians last week. Despite her nom de hédoniste, Boulahce proved to the world what a heartless killer she truly was as her final act was an attempt to kill as many police officers as possible as she detonated explosives that succeeded in killing only herself.

Hannah Robinson of London’s Daily Mail is reporting the it may be sometime before all of the various bits and pieces are eventually recovered by investigators. As reported, Cowgirl’s head and a section of her spine were found in the street in front of the apartment building where Paris cops were in a pitched gun battle against ISIS operatives.

As noted by reporter Minear of the Herald Sun, “A local man, Christian, 20, told a Paris newspaper: ‘During the lull in the shooting I heard a woman shouting: ‘Help, help, help me!’. The police asked her to identify herself, and to show herself. She held her hands up but didn’t reveal her face. She withdrew her hands out of sight, and then put them up again several times. Police shouted at her: ‘Keep your hands in the air!’ They then told her: ‘We’re going to shoot’.”

“She had then cried out ‘God is great’ in Arabic [Allahu Akbar] and blew herself up. Suddenly there was an enormous explosion,” said Christian. “Parts of her were thrown into the street.”

While many Western news services are painting a picture of the 26-year-old woman who was more interested in the Paris club scene, posing for naked selfies to be posted to her Facebook page, and being well known in her social circles as someone with a long list of past “boyfriends,” a rather chilling episode in her life was told by her former foster mother.

Speaking to AFP on the condition of strict anonymity, the ex-caregiver “wept when she saw Boulahcen’s picture on television, recalled her young charge ‘applauding in front of the telly’ when the Al-Qaeda terror network attacked the US on September 11, 2001.” Currently, one in ten French citizens is either a North African/Middle Eastern Muslim immigrant or a Muslim who considers North Africa or the Middle East to be their ancestral homeland.

[Editor’s note: Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton says Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”]


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