The Moment a Boatload of Illegal Immigrants Storm the Beach in Spain [VIDEO]

Beach goers in Cadiz, Spain were shocked when an entire boatload of illegal African immigrants came ashore on the popular beach.  After landing, the illegals scattered in an effort to avoid the police.  Spain has already suffered through high unemployment thanks to a robust green energy plan that drove large manufacturers and other companies with high energy usage out of the country.

The illegals crossed the Strait of Gibraltar in an inflatable boat.  As if the European Union’s open borders policies weren’t harmful enough, now countries without a wall like President Trump wants built on the Mexican border are seeing massive amounts of immigration, leading to a skyrocketing rate of sexual assaults and the establishment of No Go Zones, where police and firefighters are afraid to go.

According to the Associated Press:

 One onlooker asks in an astonished voice, ‘What’s going on?’

Carlos Sanz, who shot the video while on vacation in Cadiz, said the group quickly vanished and police only arrived some time later.
Spanish officials couldn’t immediately be reached after office hours.

The incident comes as the International Organization for Migration warned on Thursday that Spain could overtake Greece this year in the number of migrants arriving by sea, using boats and even jet-skis.

According to the IOM’s latest figures, until August 6, close to 8,200 migrants had arrived in Spain so far this year.

That is more than triple the number who reached Spain at the same time last year, according to Joel Millman, a senior IOM spokesman, and already more than the total arrivals in 2016.

The hell of it is that Spain has given up its sovereignty to the EU and could possibly be forced to keep all illegals who manage to get into the country, whose economy is already at its breaking point.  If you want to see the future of the United States under the leadership of Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Jeff Flake, Chuck Schumer and John McCain, pay close attention to the following video.


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