The making and marketing of a lie

Tomorrow is race-baiter Al Sharpton’s nationwide Day of Protest for Trayvon Martin…the sweet innocent black child murdered in cold-blood by that racist Hispanic/white man George Zimmerman.

Oh the travesty of the jury finding that racist Hispanic/white man NOT guilty in the death of that sweet innocent black child…oh how we must grieve along with his parents…parents so noble that when they appear on TV you just want to cry along with them in their grief for their lost sweet innocent child.

Oh has the public had the wool pulled over their eyes by a marketing machine that is one of the best I’ve ever seen for they have taken what I believe to be a 17-year old thug and turned him into a sweet innocent 12-year old child who was needlessly and with malice murdered, and sadly it seems a majority of blacks, and of course the liberal Hollywood elite, have bought into it hook, line, and sinker.

And while NO one wants any child to be killed NO matter their age or what they’ve done or NOT done, it’s time for people to know the truth about that sweet innocent child that Al Sharpton wants the protests for…that George Zimmerman must look over his shoulder for the rest of his life for.

As per Miami-Dade County Public School records Trayvon Martin missed 53 days of school in a school year only half over (meaning in a school year of 180 days, half of which would be 90 days, Trayvon Martin attended school for only 37 days…was truant for the rest); Trayvon Martin was suspended from school three times in the school year only half over (2011-2012) meaning suspended three times within 90 days with the last suspension being serious enough to warrant a full 10 days suspension; on at least one occasion Trayvon Martin was found in school with unidentified ladies jewelry and what officials described as a burglary tool; Trayvon Martin was found with drug paraphernalia in school and disciplined with suspension (Florida schools have a zero-tolerance drug and gun policy); Trayvon Martin had encounters with School Police Officers from the Miami-Dade School Police Department, who were under pressure to find alternate ways to direct black offenders away from the criminal justice system…a system to which Trayvon Martin seemed to be heading.

Trayvon Martin was NOT going to graduate because he failed the mandatory Florida test needed to graduate…he was never at school, and when he was he got suspension after suspension. This was a young man headed for disaster and failure and everyone in his family knew it.

But to make this all even worse is that within days of the shooting Benjamin Crump and the other lawyers for the Martin family sought court orders to seal the school and criminal records of Trayvon Martin, effectively blocking off Trayvon’s history from public review, media research, and the defense…and why…because they knew this school history could under NO conditions be let into evidence because it would alter their packaging of Trayvon as a sweet innocent child.
And oh what a hands on mother Sybrina Fulton was…she did NOT know Trayon had a Twitter account; she did NOT know his Facebook name; she did NOT know about his YouTube account; she did NOT know about his following of Mixed Martial Art combat fighting; and she did NOT know about his home-made movies about street fights that he was in…in other words Sabrina Fulton did NOT know her son for Trayvon Martin did NOT live with her or with his father…Trayvon lived with his uncle Stephen Martin (an ex-Marine) and his wife Aunt Miriam, in Miami Gardens, both of whom were trying to straighten out his troubled life.

It’s my opinion that in the time Trayvon’s parents were absent from his life, his aunt and uncle loved him enough to try to straighten him out…to the point where his mother and father had to be groomed and tutored by PR people to appear as a loving cohesive albeit divorced family on TV and in any and all interviews.

Now, can someone please explain this to me…while I know that everyone grieves differently and has the right to do so, I also know that capitalizing off the death of one’s son is just too bizarre and just too wrong on so many levels…so why then in my opinion is Sybrina Fulton trying to capitalize off the death of her own child…a child she appeared to have little time for.

Trayvon Martin’s image in his ‘infamous’ hoodie and the slogans heard throughout the trial…’Justice for Trayvon’ and ‘I am Trayvon’…now have a trademark…a trademark done by his own mother. Saying she did this before anyone could exploit or profit from Trayvon’s name or use it in a negative way, as well as to protect the ‘intellectual property rights’ for projects that will assist other families who experience similar tragedies (didn’t know that many others had their young adult black sons killed by white men in self-defense)…and that she will make NO monies from this trademark…that I can fully understand if indeed NO monies will be made…but I personally do NOT believe that for a minute.

And if her motives were truly noble why then did Sybrina Fulton bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the housing complex where her son was shot by George Zimmerman. The housing complex, the Retreat at Twin Lakes, had NO doing in Trayvon’s death nor did its association as the Neighborhood Watch group that George Zimmerman led was an independent entity NOT directly connected with the association.

So knowing full well that the housing complex had NO hand in the death of her son…why sue the association…I believe there’s only one reason why and one reason alone…and that’s for money.

Trayvon’s parents tried to reach a settlement through mediation and were offered a $1 million settlement but turned it down claiming it was too low. Eventually a settlement outside of court was reached, and it was for over $1 million (according to the Orlando Sentinel)…what I call ‘blood money’ paid by an association that had NOTHING to do with the death of Trayvon…yet paid on the threat of being sued.

“It is understood and agreed that the payment made herein is not to be construed as an admission of any liability by or on behalf of the releasing parties; but instead the monies being paid hereunder is consideration for avoiding litigation, the uncertainties stemming from litigation as well as to protect and secure the good name and good will of the released parties,” the settlement said.

To avoid litigation…as in if you don’t pay up you get sued…and that to me sounds like blackmail. Profiting off the death of one’s child…and that is as sad as the death itself.

But like I said before, even though the death of anyone is sad, especially the death of a young person, the truth about Trayvon is finally starting to come out and it is NOT that of the sweet little 12-year old in those pictures shoved down our throats for that fateful day George Zimmerman encountered a 17-year-old troubled teen…one failing school…one who did drugs…and one who might, and I only say might have possibly been a burglar…but to Al Sharpton and his ilk none of that matters for they have packaged Trayvon Martin through the magic of advertising into a sweet angel murdered by the white devil who got away with it in the white man’s court, and now a price will be paid for that.

How sad this entire case has become for the guilty have been made innocent while the proven NOT guilty now have a bulls-eye on them that will probably be there for the rest of their life.


trayvon in hoodie

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