The Long March Through the Israeli Institutions

By Adina Kutnicki, Published at American Thinker

(Reprinted with permission at American Thinker)

Israel, as a sovereign nation, is more than capable of executing its own electorally-mandated policies — or so one would think. Not so fast.

As fully evidenced within recent analyses regarding the interference/funding by America’s powerful left, to thwart long overdue, righteous judicial reform in Israel — found herehere, and here — similarly, the leftist junta in control of America’s educational apparatus has captured Israel’s school system too. Mind you, even the State religious system (where most Jewish national religious parents send their children) cannot escape the left’s infection. Tentacled grasp.

Belatedly, as non-comatose Americans (yes, to their utter horror) have come to realize, the Deep State Mafia has a total vise-grip/strangle-hold upon the educational system. Lock, stock, and barrel. Resultant, it is impossible to ignore their brazen, in-your-face warping; the bitter fruits of their years-long, stealth-like encroachment/co-option of the hearts and minds of generations of American students, wherever the indoctrinators heretofore skulked. Pointedly, let’s call an ace an ace and a spade a spade.

Incontestably, let’s place partial onus where it belongs. Fair is fair. Were it not for the inaction/inertia and unfathomable silence of so-called conservative leaders, America’s kiddies (by extension, the heirs of the greatest freedom-based country, bar none) wouldn’t be in grave peril. While they played footsie, destructive radical forces went in for the kill…for years on end! Top prize: generations of mis-educated foot soldiers. In plain-speak, the rotten chickens have come home to roost; free to bend/mold generations to their will.

As such, it would be intellectually and morally dishonest to solely drop the blame at the left’s doors — after all, die-hard radicals who “worship” the tenets of cultural Marxism are only acting true to form. Got that?

Still yet, for those who prefer visual/audio aids, well, the following podcast “This is how the left is taking control of public schools” is more than an instructive lesson, sans any poppycock to boot.

Now that that is established, the question becomes: where does the pollution of Israel’s progeny enter the fray? Better yet: where doesn’t it?

In a nutshell, akin to their radical counterparts in the U.S., Israel’s hard-left is fully cognizant of the “necessity” to march through the school system. While Marxist theory, slowly but surely, is brought into the classrooms, a main obsession is the “normalization” of transgenderism via the highly militant LGBTQ+ movement.

As excerpted by this writer:

As an American-Israeli, these ears are, first and foremost, attuned to both nations. Alas, when it became known that an innocent, confused child was encouraged to transition from a girl into a boy (within an affluent community as one of Tel Aviv’s outer burbs), well, blood-boiling barely describes it at this end.

The headline read, “Transgender school scandal: Education claims leading Rabbi approved situation” — from the article:

Rabbi Yaakov Ariel, the former Chief Rabbi of Ramat Gan, has published his initial response to the saga of the girl masquerading as a boy in a state-religious school in a highly sought after town in central Israel, news of which was broken in the B’Sheva magazine (affiliated with the Hebrew-language version of Israel National News) two weeks ago.

In Rabbi Ariel’s letter, it is clear that, contrary to what the Education Ministry has been claiming, he is opposed to the girl remaining in the class.

‘This situation of a girl dressed up as a boy, in boys’ clothes, is impossible and has no place in halachah [Jewish law],’ Rabbi Ariel wrote. ‘A boy is a boy and a girl is a girl. Since this case relates to a young girl [in third grade], the situation must be handled with great sensitivity. There is no question of continuing to allow this girl to be incorporated into a class together with other boys,’ he concluded.

And whether the Education Ministry – truth be told, known for its left-ward bent — is covering its “behind” due to the ensuing backlash and kerfuffle, or the Rabbi realizes that he has been caught tolerating the intolerable, likely, it will never be known, that is, at least, within the public arena.

But what is a certainty and of grave concern and import to the majority mainstream public in Israel, is the absolute fact that the poisonous effects of what goes down in America will, inevitably, and eventually, reach Israel’s public and private recesses.

Previously featured at Israel National News:

At this critical juncture in history, it should be crystal clear: traditional leaning Jews (as well as non-Jews, in general, conservatives) are living in Dystopian times. This is the case on a multiplicity of levels. Nonetheless, some must be considered stand-alone exhibits.

So much so, that the lede to LGBTQIA + is not our cause célèbre, written by Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer, a prolific writer and thinker, commences thusly:

‘This article should not really be deemed controversial, but it possibly is the most daring I ever have [sic] published. It is time. If the words below resonate, know you are not alone.’

Think about that. When a man of Rabbi Fischer’s professional and learned stature feels compelled to voice that the aforementioned “is possibly the most daring I have ever published”, a reasonable conclusion is that it was written hesitantly…cautiously. It might even be akin to an apologia — How can this be?

After years spent exploring and exposing the insidious creep of the issue at hand — the infiltration and penetration of the LGBTQIA agenda into the West in general and the Jewish community in specific — I wish to posit that there are American benefactors, funded in part by the American taxpayer, advancing the perversion of Israel’s youth and the obliteration of its traditional culture.

The “New Israel Fund” is the highly malignant entry-feeder and mischief-maker, that is, for all things radical in Israel. If anything, it’s the umbrella organization that lends a tailwind through their touchy-feely moniker; their stated goal is to “drive meaningful social change” and transform Israel into a leftist entity. Conspicuously, the eventual erasure of the Jewish homeland and traditional values is plotted within its confines. Don’t ever forget that.

So much so, its U.S. offices span coast-to-coast. Why is that? From the group’s “Contact” page:

The New Israel Fund has active regions across the United States and the world.

It is this (indirect and direct) foreign funding from America’s top-dogs (political and like-minded anti-Zionist/anti-semitic forces) which funnels into the leftist organs within Israel. Imagine that. (Interestingly, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s estate finds itself on the NIF donor list.)

As constructed, it is beyond the pale that said vicious umbrella organization is considered a tax-exempt NGO! (For the record: its Federal ID Number is: 94-2607722.)

Effectively, American taxpayers are encouraged to fund the destruction of Israel through tax-deductible donations! So, if the above is not considered foreign interference, there is no such thing. And, as it happens, Israel’s current Knesset is attempting to thwart NIF’s (and others) nefarious efforts.

Most significantly, if all people of conscience, Jews and non-Jews alike, are appalled by even a fraction of the above, it is imperative to step up and inform your representatives, on all levels of government.

Silence is not an option!

Adina Kutnicki is an investigative journalist, living in Israel since 2008. Her work concentrates on militant Islamic jihad and its western knock-on effects, as well as the red/green alliance. She is the co-author of BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad, She blogs at: Adina Kutnicki, A Zionist & Conservative Blog (www.adinakutnicki.com) and is an op-ed contributor at several news sites.

(Cross-referenced at Adina Kutnicki: A Zionist & Conservative Blog)

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