The Left’s Endless Witch Hunt Against Trump, Conservatives

Since at least 2016, the Left has tried to pin something, anything on Donald Trump. Among a current series of lawsuits against him, author E. Jean Carroll has accused him of raping her in 1995. Or, maybe it was 1996. Well, sometime in the mid-1990s. She also says that Trump defamed her when he referred to her rape allegation as a “complete con job” and “a hoax and a lie,” in October 2022.

On the witness stand last week, she denied that she was seeking to generate publicity for her book. However, she did tell the court about her long-term inner suffering. Okay, do you have doctor’s notes? Police reports? Witnesses? Anything of significance? In actuality, she has little evidence, didn’t scream for help, didn’t file a police report, waited for decades, and, channeling Christine Blasey Ford, is sketchy about this personally notable incident.

Sounds like the entire event has been orchestrated to politically damage Trump prior to ’24. Then, bingo! Another woman appears, testifies about what allegedly happened to her on an airplane, before you were born, and disparages Trump in major ways.

Who Knows the Truth?

What happened if anything? This much we do know: As long as Democrat mega-donors are willing to fund court cases against Donald Trump and GOPers, the phenomena is not likely to subside. The mainstream press won’t cite Carroll’s benefactor, Democrat mega-donor Reid Hoffman, who has declared that he will spend as much as it takes to defeat Trump.
Conveniently, the judge blocked mention of this in a ruling. Without Hoffman’s financial support, however, Carroll likely would not have brought the case forward.

In any case, like clockwork, when Trump declares he’s running, accusations come out of the woodwork. No such suits were brought during the time of Trump’s popular reality TV show, which would have presented a golden opportunity for wannabe accusers. No such suits were brought during the time of Trump’s best-selling books, which also would have presented a golden opportunity for wannabe accusers. They waited, however.

How did they know that years later he would become president? Amazing! When anybody can step forward with “Trump violated me 30+ years ago,” the press launches a major hit job. Enter the copycat claims.

With wall-to-wall Internet coverage, individuals can read all about the claims and accusations made and, armed with a treasure trove of details, can concoct their own story: “The same thing happened to me.” Indeed, the Internet is proving to be the greatest vehicle in history for some people to claim that they too were compromised, assaulted, or what have you.

The Game Plan

The game plan is evident. Lady X brings a claim against Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Matt Gaetz, or whomever the Left is targeting. The claim immediately gets major newspaper coverage: This is what today’s “journalism” is all about. Prior to the trial, the accuser is widely interviewed but always lacks those few critical details.

Funded by billionaires seeking to upend democracy by destroying political opponents, Lady X has the wind at her back. Meanwhile, in the hinterlands, Lady Y reads everything about this lawsuit and what Lady X claims to have endured. Lady Y waits to see how the situation unfolds. At a key juncture, she then steps in.

“Oh yes, 43 years ago Donald Trump did this to me.” She has picked a time frame and a relative location. She has replayed the story in her mind and is confident that she will gain financial and emotional backing. The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and a host of other left-leaning media outlets will give Lady Y ample air time. She comes off as a credible and concerned citizen. She’s been wronged! Never mind that she waited decades.

Blue Smoke

Claiming something that happened eons ago, with no physical evidence, no police report, and no witnesses makes it next to impossible for a defendant to respond. Yet, the public assumes where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Lady X came forward, now here’s Lady Y, and soon maybe Lady Z. It must be true! Trump is a horrible person, who, in his younger days apparently couldn’t bed down high-class women despite his billions, social connections, and a slimmer, more dashing appearance.

He had to resort to raping women in dressing rooms and groping them on airplanes. Very public places, no less! The veracity of the stories doesn’t matter. All that counts is the ability to inflict damage on this Republican, the next, and the next.

These accusers and financial backers sleep soundly because it’s all for the greater good! So what if I lie, disparage someone’s character, and demonize them? Removing this candidate will enable my desired candidate to prevail. So, don’t try to hit me with the law, fairness, or your concept of morality.

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