The Judge Who Threw the Fear of God into Obama Officials

judge_andrew_hanenThe Obama caliphate has pretty much had things their own way and have defied court order after court order as judges have allowed the caliphate to walk all over them.  What Obama and his minions forgot is you never mess with Texas or as in this case, Texans.

Judge Andrew Hanen was livid after he found out that Obama violated his injunction and handed out 2,000 work permits in violation of said injunction.  He ordered the powers that be to take back the three year work permits and exchange them for two year permits not covered under the injunction.

The caliphate tried to slow-walk the process and when Judge Hanen found out, he did something unusual.  He declared that if the officials did not receive all the permits back by July 31st, agency heads, including Jeh Johnson, would have to personally appear in his court to answer charges of contempt of court.

It has been done before but only a couple of times over the last 226 years.  The judge would have the power to unilaterally sanction those officials with fines or jail time.  If they just failed to show up the judge could issue a bench warrant and the US marshals would bring them to court.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

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