The Godfather Part 4: Gina McCarthyism Takes Over

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EPA_Chief-01c0d-6114The EPA under Barack Obama, Lisa Jackson and now Gina McCarthyism uses methods employed by the mob and racketeers to rob people of their civil rights.

They impose ridiculous fines on people and businesses that would bankrupt them should they try to fight.  These fines are imposed even before it is proven that they are in the wrong, which in most cases they aren’t.  It’s just another strong arm tactic used by the Nazis who have taken over our government for the last 6 1/2 years.

You are no doubt aware that the EPA dumped three million gallons of highly toxic waste into the Animas River in Durango, Colorado.  But do you know how they got access to the privately owned Gold King mine to begin with?

Without EPA access the spill would never have happened.  Gina McCarthyism imposed a $35,000 a day fine on Todd Hennis unless he allowed the EPA to come in and screw everything up.  Not being a billionaire, Hennis was forced to agree.  The EPA then created a disaster by spilling the three million gallons of waste into the river.

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