The Global Warming Fraud From An Engineering Viewpoint: The IMPOSSIBLE Lie

CO2 cannot act as a greenhouse gas

The “Climate Change” movement that the earth is heating because of man-made production of CO2 is based on flawed models, and flawed physics related to the CO2 molecule itself. This poor little friendly molecule has been badly slandered and misrepresented. It’s actually a blessing for the earth and everything in it.

Regarding the Global Warming fraud, in fact, it would be absolutely impossible for CO2 to have any significant greenhouse effect, any significant effect on the earth’s climate. The whole Global Warming scheme is political and has no basis in scientific reality. This becomes quite clear if we examine the capability of CO2 molecules to act as a “greenhouse,” to produce the so-called “greenhouse effect.” In fact, for CO2 to do that is absolutely impossible.

The Ruling Class regime in Washington doesn’t care, because the purpose of the “Climate Change” emergency is not to save the planet, but to save the power of the Ruling Class of the Democrat Party.

Just think about it, the lie, that CO2 causes global warming, is used to cause planned and orchestrated destruction of the US energy fuels production and availability. Leading to inflation and to the collapse of the American economy. The collapse of course includes fossil fuel-based activities, such as transportation and food production.

Is America headed for a recession?

The purpose of the Global Warming hysteria is simply to create chaos and destruction, which is a pretext for present and future totalitarian action by the Ruling Class Democrats.

Actually, climate on earth is controlled by one thing: the sun.

When the sun is active, climate on earth becomes warmer. When the sun becomes less active, climate on earth becomes cooler. We have ice ages when there is a Solar Minimum.

Between 2025 and 2035, earth will be sliding into, and end up in, the hole of a new mini-Ice Age in 2035 due to the pattern of solar minimums which is well known, and even NASA has presented such data. All this, how we are moving into a mini-Ice Age (not global warming), can be found in the book ICE AGE 2025.

However in this article we won’t be discussing the coming mini-Ice Age, but instead focus on an engineering view of CO2, and how it would be impossible for this friendly little molecule to cause anything which could even remotely resemble a “greenhouse” effect.

1. The CO2 molecule can not retain heat long enough to have a thermal green house effect.

Physicist Professor Nasif Nahle: CO2 Retains Heat For Only 0.0001 Seconds, Warming ‘Not Possible’

Mainstream climate science claims CO2 molecules “slow down the rate of heat loss from the surface” as a blanket does.

And yet the rate at which a CO2 molecule retains or slows down heat loss is, at most, a negligible 0.0001 of a second.

A CO2 concentration of 300 ppm versus 400 ppm will, therefore, have no detectable impact… Historical data shows very high CO2 ppm (as high as 1200ppm) during periods of extremely cold weather on earth.

Professor Nasif Nahle has mathematically assessed the rate at which heat is retained by CO2 molecules; his work was endorsed by the Faculty of Physics of the University of Nuevo Leon (Mexico).

Nahle found the “mean free path” for a quantum wave to pass through the atmosphere before colliding with a CO2 molecule is about 33 meters (Nahle, 2011a).

Such a wide chasm between molecular collisions would appear to undermine a visualization of CO2 functioning like a blanket does.

Even more saliently, Nahle determined that the rate at which CO2 molecules can retain heat at the surface may only last about 0.0001 of a second (Nahle, 2011b).

Consequently, Nahle concludes “carbon dioxide has not an effect on climate changes or warming periods on the Earth.”

2. World-leading physicist Richard Feynman debunked CO2

The great physicist Richard Feynman adds to three other giants of physics, Maxwell, Clausius, and Carnot, who have explained the “greenhouse effect” is solely a consequence of gravity, atmospheric mass, pressure, density, and heat capacities, and is not due to “trapped radiation” from IR-active or ‘greenhouse’ gas concentrations.

In his paper Feynman gives his thought experiment example (Feynman clearly states in the 6th paragraph it is “in thermal equilibrium – unlike our atmosphere”). Feynman explicitly states in that same paragraph that this thought experiment is “without the winds and other kinds of disturbance,” including CONVECTION, which as he later shows completely dominates radiative-convective equilibrium. Thus discrediting the supposed Co2-focused radiative greenhouse gas effect.

Feynman begins to explain in the 7th paragraph and for the remainder of the entire paper why our atmosphere (and he only assumes the atmosphere is comprised of non-greenhouse gases N2 & O2) “is not an isothermal atmosphere” due to the thermodynamic work done by gravity upon all gases.

3. A Swiss physicist debunks the idea that CO2 could cause Global Warming

Thomas Allmendinger, an independent Swiss physicist, has conducted a series of experiments published in peer-reviewed scientific journals that call into question the physical principles of the greenhouse gas theory.  Thomas Allmendinger, an independent scholar educated at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, has dared to challenge the conventional politically correct climate dictum that CO2 is a greenhouse gas with unique global warming properties.  In a series of articles published in scientific journals, Allmendinger has argued that his experimental research with the thermal absorption of infrared radiation (IR) has proved that “atmospheric trace gases such as carbon dioxide do not have any influence on the climate.”

Read more here…

The fraudulent science of the CO2 molecule as being responsible for “Global Warming” has created a new religion. The Religion of Global Warming. It’s a false religion.

The false religion is completely debunked in a way which could be used for political purposes, in the thrilling book on what’s really down the road in climate: ICE AGE 2025

Dr Joel S Holmes is an engineer specializing in large hydropower system design and construction. He is also a specialist in the history of codes used in warfare and the history of deception in warfare. He applies this to analysis of the war against America taking place from within the US at present.

His written work is based on the history of deception, and the messaging of totalitarian regimes. His specialized studies are the horrific Nazi regime in Germany. And the parallels to what is happening today. Including the propaganda uses of the “big lie”.

The Global Warming Green New Deal, is an example of “The Big Lie”… it is deceptive, and inaccurate. Something that has political intent which is destructive. It’s the false basis for the war on fossil fuels. The Big Lie providing the reason for the war on American energy.

Recommended is a book of almost 300 pages of good reading, which shows on every exciting page that the effect of CO2 on climate is zero.

And that climate on earth is controlled by the Sun. Soon we are entering a new mini-ice age.

A good way to fight the Big Lies, are the Big Truths.

Available on Amazon:  ICE AGE 2025


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