The “Gay Mafia’s” Continuous Assault On America’s (Western) Kiddies: Capturing Their Bodies, Hearts, & Minds – The Insidious Thrust, Aided & Abetted By Islamists Within!

LET’S be abundantly clear: This investigative journalist couldn’t care less what  consenting adults do (or don’t) in their private domains. Heck, they can swing this way, that way, or the other and it means (less than) diddly squat at this end. Think of it this way: What happens in one’s private quarters, stays in one’s private quarters. Understood?

NOW that that is out of the closet, so to speak, when it comes to the safety and welfare of the kiddies, well, that is every decent person’s business – let alone law enforcement’s. As such, western society has set down very clear boundaries as per their protection – to the extent that child molesters/pedophiles are deemed the lowest pond scum among the pecking order within the prison population! You got that?

IN this regard, atop this site’s hierarchy lie two main targets: Islamic Jihad + the Gay Mafia” – both of which, at first glance, may appear unrelated. No matter. As it happens, the opposite is the case. Yes, they are wholly intertwined. And, in due course, their intersection will veer into sharp focus.

IN the main, this site has been in the forefront of exposing the “Gay Mafia’s” onslaught – to the extent of coining the moniker, much to the chagrin of the radical left. So much so, its insidious thrust has been tackled from mid 2012 (the onset of these pages), and it is not for nothing. In fact, its basis can be found hereherehereherehereherehereherehere, and so on and so forth.  Ad nauseam.

NOT only that, a whistleblower from within the hierarchy of the Vatican (a cesspool of pedophilia) felt morally compelled to alert to the dangers attributed to the “Gay Mafia.” Well, welcome to this site’s bandwagon. Clarion calls.

AS reported, June 11, 2019: The former Vatican ambassador to the United States told the Washington Post a “Gay Mafia” among Church leadership is blocking attempts to seriously address clerical sexual abuse.

In an extensive interview, snippets of which were published Monday, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò said that the sexual abuse crisis would be “far less severe” if the “problem of homosexuality in the priesthood were honestly acknowledged and properly addressed.”

“Given the overwhelming evidence, it is mind-boggling that the word ‘homosexuality’ has not appeared once, in any of the recent official documents of the Holy See” dealing with clerical sexual abuse, Viganò told the Post.

Instead, a “gay mafia” among the bishops, seeking to protect themselves, was “sabotaging all efforts at reform,” he said…..continue reading the shocking revelations here, if you dare…..

O M G….my heavens too….

STILL yet, for those who seek the god’s honest truth, well, keep reading, regardless of the discomfit. Buck up.

ALAS, on our stepped-up journey, let’s continue onto the educational front via a historical visual aid.

(Introducing….Lesson from History: Transgender Mania is Sign of Cultural Collapse – Camille Paglia)


  • AND now that that lesson has (hopefully) been learned, let’s segue to some added truths, horrific as they are. As always, the slippery slope has come to the end of the line….the edge of the cliff…..

Whistle-Blower: Middle School Curriculum Teaches 10-Year-Olds To Do Oral, Anal, Put Condoms On Dildos

‘House Of Trannies’ Charged With Sexual Assault, Filming Porn Involving 7-Year-Old

Netflix Promotes Pedophilia With Drag Queen Indoctrination Series

Drag Kid Demonstrates How to Snort Ketamine

“It’s Pornography” Parents Outraged As California Targets Kindergartners With Transgender Propaganda

Texas Family Court Demands 6-Year-Old Boy Be Chemically Castrated Against Father’s Wishes

Sick: Children With Down Syndrome Coerced Into Performing In Drag Show

BUT if you think that the public library is a safe venue to take the kiddies to escape their clutches, you would be wrong. Yes,”Drag Queen Story Time” is all the rage!!

OVERWHELMINGLY, in light of what has been revealed, is it any wonder that radical leftists in California are teaching the kiddies the “merits” of pedophilia?? 

UNSURPRISINGLY, it is along this very same slippery and treacherous slope that twitter (part and parcel of the radical left’s social media censorsblocked Ray Blanchard, a P.h.D. psychologist who “helped write the DSM V Rules on Gender Dysphoria in expressing his clinical views on Transgender Identity.” Conservatives, this is the “new” America!

EVEN so, if traditional-leaning Europeans believe they will escape this very same psychosis and scourge, they would do well to think again. In reality, a whistleblower within the UK revealed that their kiddies are being used for transgender experiments!

BACK to the opening assertion, that is, that the linkage between the “Gay Mafia” + Islamic Jihad mandates front and center attention and remains a critical lesson plan. Simply, its basis must be understood for the sake of the kiddies, as well as for the health and welfare of the nation as a whole. Its survival. 

ALAS, its tie-ins:

INEXTRICABLY, it is indisputable that countless fail to connect the dots between the most highly toxic and dangerous force multiplier, bar none: Islamic Jihad + the “Gay Mafia”, AKA the “redgreen alliance. As mentioned, this alliance stems from their common goal: The destruction of America. Trenchantly, the stakes couldn’t be higher – in so far that its eventual and inevitable knock-on effect is the disintegration of western civilization. 

INDEED, said goal supersedes all. Intrinsically, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” becomes their overall modus operandi through the nexus thereof. In the main, the (temporary and expedient) merging of political Islam with the radical left is used as a bludgeon against America’s foundational roots. It is the most potent social and political weapon deployed, to date. 

MAKE no mistake: It matters not a whit to the radical left that Islam’s “Holy” Book underpins the killing of gays: Quran (7:80-84) “….For ye practice your lustson men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds…..And we rained down on them a shower of (brimstone)”…..as long as they seek the destruction of America. The west.

(Qaradawi – World’s biggest Islamic/Brotherhood leader ruling to throw gays from a building!)

THE point being, it is said mandate (coupled with others) which explains why gays (and other infidels) are killed in countries under the barbaric tenets of Sharia Law, and in the most public forums imaginable. Thus, let’s cut to the chase: How many have seen videos (and read reports) showing gays being thrown off roofs – which happens to be their go-to method? Incontrovertibly, the spectacle of being hurled to one’s death, under the banner and sword of Islam, is meant to be an “object” lesson for all who dare to “switch teams.” Hmm.

AGAIN, how can it be that Islamist Reps Omar & Tlaib stand shoulder to shoulder on behalf of gays, to the point of full-throated support for all manner of LBGT thrusts?

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D., Minn., has accused the Trump administration of being “bigoted” amid reports that U.S. embassies have had requests to fly the rainbow Pride flag denied.

June is Pride Month, promoting visibility for the LGBTQ community, and U.S. embassies in Israel, Germany, Brazil, and Latvia made requests to the Trump administration to fly the flag on the official embassy flagpole in honor of Pride. According to NBC News, those requests were denied by the State Department.

“This is another blatant example of this administration’s bigotry and discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community,” Rep. Omar tweeted on Monday in response to the news……

WELL, to hammer it home, it is in service of their quest to destroy America that a temporary alliance has been forged via the well-worn adage “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” – in the expectation that the disintegration of the traditional family, the epicenter of the nation, will facilitate its downfall. 

SIMILARLY, the radical left, known haters of all things smacking of religious overtones, not only hold their fire against Islamists, but praise them to high heavens! How can this be? Asked and answered.

What’s strange is these leftists will do it despite the fact that history shows that once radical Islamists gain power, they would likely wipe out their Leftist collaborators – it happened in revolutionary Iran.

“They’re the first to get their throats slit,” said Matthew Vadum at a CSP panel discussion based around his new book “Team JihadHow Sharia SupremacistsCollaborate with Leftists.”……continue the truth-telling here…..

MOST significantly, while the “Gay Mafia” has overtaken every sphere of influence within America – starting with early childhood education – capturing their bodies, hearts, and minds alike, their partners in crime, the “Islamic/Brotherhood Mafia”, stand ready to come to their aid at every imaginable infiltration and penetration. Literally.

TO wit, if the above nexus is not the most dangerous threat to the kiddies, by extrapolation, the future of the nation in toto, what else qualifies?

CLEAR as a bell. Don’t say you weren’t warned!!

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