The Far Left shows blatant hypocrisy in crucifying Paula Deen

Paula Deen
Paula Deen
If truth is to be told, the far left doesn’t give a rat’s you-know-what about race and racism, except only to the extent they can exploit race and racism for political advantage. The real racism is the cruel and brutal racism of the far left, the racism of 60 years of liberal Democratic public policy that has created more poverty and more decay and has virtually enslaved African-Americans in the poverty, decay, and hopelessness of the liberal plantation of the inner cities in this country.

And liberals and their willing accomplices in the liberal media have the audacity to crucify Paula Deen for having used the n-word thirty years ago. She was describing an incident in which a black man aimed a gun at her, during a robbery attempt, when Deen was working as a bank teller in her early adult days. I think most Americans might be tempted to use a racist word if a black man put a gun in their face while in the process of committing a crime. Many might well use the same word if a white criminal thug piece of trash committed the same act.

As most of you know, the Food network declined to renew Paula Deen’s contract for the television show she did with them, after they found out the incident involving the use fo the n-word was revealed in a deposition for a court case in which a former employee is accusing Deen of racial discrimination.

I read that deposition and realized what an idiot that attorney is, that represents the plaintiff in the case, and deposed Paula Deen. This moron with a law degree asked Paula Deen (note the spelling) if she was related to Jimmy Dean (note that spelling) of Jimmy Dean sausages fame. My first name is spelled Dean, so I know the difference between a Dean and a Deen. Apparently, this illiterate attorney didn’t know the difference.

Two columnists at the liberal, favorite news outlet of low information voters, USA Today have declared Paula Deen’s career and business “done” to the n-word controversy. Easy for them to say that.

This ignorant, on many levels, pabulum puker at USA Today gives Paula Deen a pass for admitting she used the n-word, but says Deen’s real crime was promoting deadly recipes that include butter. Oh the evillllllllllllll butter. Truth be told, butter is actually healthy and it’s the margarine that really does clog our arteries. Search that issue at www.mercola.com and educate yourself, that’s another controversy that’s not really the issue here.

Now the Monochrome Coalition, that racist shakedown organization run by The Reverend Jesse Jackson, is involved in the controversy. You know when a racial issue hits the press, the leading ambulance chasers of the race industry, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, won’t be far behind in exploiting the issue.

Remember Bill Mahar, who calls conservative women the c-word and made those horrible and hateful comments about Sarah Palin’s youngest son, Trig Palin, who was born with Down Syndrome? Now Bill Maher has weighed in to bloviate his ignorance about this issue too. Yes this is the same Bill Maher who donated a million bucks to the Obama reelection campaign, who refused to give it back even after learning about Bill’s sexist use of the c-word.

And then we have Perez Hilton, a known gay supremacist bigot who hates conservatives and straight people more than anyone. He’s remembered for serving as a Miss America judge a few years ago, and torpedoing the likely winner by giving her a ZERO score for an answer that he thought wasn’t sufficiently politically correct enough. Unlike the judging of certain sports at the Olympics, apparently they don’t eliminate the very lowest and very highest answers to prevent the overall score from being sandbagged by such outliers. So Hilton’s egregiously wrong zero score for that part of the contest actually cost this contestant winning the title. This liberal piece of trash also has the audacity to opine about Paula Dean and the n-word controversy as well.

Remember the late Senator Robert Byrd, a Democrat from West Virginia, and how much liberals loved him? He didn’t just used the n-word in his youth. Byrd, born as Cornelius Calvin Sale, Jr. according to wikipedia, was active member of the Ku Klux Klan in his earlier adult years and recruited 150 friends to create a new chapter of the KKK in Sophia, West Virginia. The organization unanimously elected him it’s leader, where he held the title of Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan.

In 1946, Robert Byrd wrote a letter to racist segregationist Democrat Senator Theodore G. Bilbo of Mississippi, and wrote, “I shall never fight in the armed forces with a negro by my side… Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”

Remember liberals loved Robert Byrd for decades. Paula Deen has to be destroyed for calling a criminal thug in a bank robbery the n-word, but Byrd’s career in the KKK didn’t disqualify him from reinventing himself as a liberal Democrat senator supporting the same racist liberal policies that have decimated the inner cities. Look at downtown Detroit today if you want to see the fruits of racist liberal policies.

Just scan the media and the far left is celebrating the Paula Deen controversy with a disgusting and offensively excessive level of Schadenfreude. In doing so, they are showing just how profoundly they hate this woman, and all that she stands for and advocates. Liberalism really is an ideology of hate.

Paula Deen has apologized for the use of the n-word some years ago. That apology is far more sincere and orders of magnitude more real than what we get from most celebrities finding themselves having to apologize for something they said or did in the past. She really does take full responsibility for something she willingly and honestly admitted she did, and you didn’t here any “I didn’t inhale” or “it depends what is, is” defenses in that video.

If this is really the standard liberals and the far left want to uphold, let’s now apply it to every liberal celebrity and politician who did something as bad or worse than using the n-word, and as far back as 30 years or so and any time sooner.

What was Barack Obama doing 30 years ago? He was smoking pot, and he admits he did lots of inhaling, and likely using the cocaine he admitted in his book that he used. I suspect he likely also used the n-word a few times. So we should fire the president right now for having committed offenses worse than those of Paula Deen. We should fire the president and repeal his entire agenda and reverse every executive order he ever signed as president. If we can’t have someone host a cooking show on television who once used the n-word, then we can’t have a racist president who is dividing the country along racial lines, and 30 years ago was allegedly getting high on pot and coke.

Liberals loved Ted Kennedy, the late liberal left senator from Massachusetts. Remember Chappaquiddick, where Ted crashed his car in the water and left Mary Jo Kopechne, a Kennedy campaign volunteer, to die in that car while he walked his drunk butt back to the place they were staying? Kennedy’s family used political influence to get what should have been a Second degree murder charge following by at least a decade in prison plea-bargained to a misdemeanor charge and a 30 year career as a senator following that. Clearly Ted Kennedy should have been serving years in jail, not the senate. No one died as a result of what Paula Deen did 30 years ago.

Liberals defended Ted Kennedy and called that incident a “youthful indiscretion” but yet Paula Deen’s offense is a career-ender that liberals are celebrating. The hypocrisy is amazing.

It just proves once again, that liberalism equals hypocrisy.

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