The EPA Methane Hunt

The EPA announced flyovers in the Texas and New Mexico Permian Basins in an effort to identify violators of the methane emissions rule in Biden’s climate agenda. The EPA methane hunt is another way that administration seeks to destroy the fossil fuel industry.

EPA Methane hunt

The Permian Basin- one of the nation’s largest oil producing regions in Western Texas and Eastern New Mexico

“The flyovers are vital to identifying which facilities are responsible for the bulk of these emissions and therefore where reductions are most urgently needed,” said Earthea Nance, an EPA official, in an Aug. 1 news release.  The flyovers, which will use infrared cameras, will be conducted until Aug. 15, the agency said.

With the announcement, it means the administration will continue to target the oil and gas industry, coming after President Joe Biden sent letters to the heads of major oil companies in June and threatened to take action to increase supply. The move drew pushback from the CEOs of ExxonMobil and Chevron, who both accused Biden of taking an increasingly hostile approach to the industry.

The Permian Basin accounts for 43 percent of the nation’s oil supply, meaning any federal regulation or rules may impact gas prices nationwide.

“The flyovers will continue through August 15. By emphasizing identification of potential super-emitters, this effort builds on previous aerial surveillance efforts in the Permian Basin area starting in 2019,” the EPA release said.

The Epoch Times

‘Coincidentally,’ an  Associated Press report  claimed that the Permian basin was an excessively high emitter of methane. Shortly thereafter, the EPA Methane hunt began – and they denied their flyovers had anything to do with the article. Sure. You believe that, right? When pigs fly. It is widely known, however, that the Permian basin does have high methane emissions due to the amount of oil being produced there.

Maybe they should also fly over local landfills. Garbage dumps stink too. Let’s just destroy waste management while we’re at it. They’ve already targeted cow farts for destruction, which has farmers worldwide forced to cull their herds to meet the emissions rules. A lot of great food is being destroyed because of hyperenvironmentlists that want everyone to eat grass. They can pound sand.

Biden and his ilk do not adhere to green regulations. They fly in jets that belch plenty of carbon. Biden himself flew to Delaware aboard the President’s helicopter Marine One after he finally tested negative for Covid this weekend. John Kerry, Mr Climate Czar, uses his carbon-belching jet frequently to attend “climate” talks around the world. His justification is that he has to use it. Bicycles should work, but Biden is not stable on one of those and falls off.

But you? You have to adhere to everything to be green. You have to eat grass. You have to be rich enough to afford an EV that needs the fossil fuel industry to create the electricity, never mind the myriad of horrific drawbacks. Your house has to solar powered even is there’s little sunshine. You peasants will “own nothing, and be happy.” (World Economic Forum) The EPA Methane hunt is only one tiny tip of the green agenda.

“Your administration’s announced action is completely discretionary. Thus, you have the power to stop it. If you do not, this action alone might serve as a catalyst for economic harm leading to an even deeper reliance on imported foreign energy and a faster economic decline into the pending recession by forcing even more pain for American consumers to pay at the pump.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Hint, Governor: we’re already in a recession.


H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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