The end of the Democrat Party

Democrat Gutierrez Trump boycott inauguration
Luiz Gutierrez at DNC – Screengrab: YouTube

We’ve come full circle. Democrats were in charge — the White House, Congress — they lost it all and now it’s the Republican’s turn to control Washington. In time, we presume, Democrats will have another shot at it and politics moves on.

So, what must the Democrats do to get hold of the reins again? Currently the plan is to go on a public relations onslaught by convincing people that Trump and anyone else around him is a bigoted fascist, a heartless rich guy who wants to trample on the poor like all the other Republicans. Nothing new here.

This is what the Party is currently reduced to; name calling with the help of a compliant media. Democrats will now identify themselves only by what they are not. What about policy, anything there?

Going by the last election, the economic policy — or one of them — was to train displaced workers so they can work in “clean energy” jobs in which the government will “invest” heavily. Right. Government creates a market and workers flock to them all trained up by government. There are currently 93 million people not working (62 million when Democrats were in charge). This is fantasy-land economics. It’s no wonder displaced workers in the rust belt rightfully rejected it.

Is America headed for a recession?

Of course the Republicans can drop the ball and make a mess of things so Democrats can move in, but what if Trump is a success? Success as defined by strong economic growth with massive job creation. How does the Party that relies on the “little guy” that relies on entitlements gain a constituency when people become more and more self-reliant?

Obama’s signature economic plan in 2009 was a top-down government scheme whereby a trillion dollars was spent “creating” hammer and sickle ready jobs.

Unless there is a policy that isn’t predicated on government planning, something tangible and real, can the Party really make a comeback? If the Democrat Party didn’t exist, would it be a good idea now?

Democrats cannot survive through public relations tied to bad ideas. The media is not what it used to be. Information is too ubiquitous and diverse. We’re not in one party media Kansas anymore. Unlike any other time, a history lesson or economic basics is readily available in most people’s pockets, rich and poor alike. Call it a smart-phone revolution, a device first introduced in Obama’s first year in office. If the Democrat Party is going to go along and attempt to survive by being a lighter version of socialism, can it really resonate in large numbers in this hyper-information age?

Let’s say it can’t, what then? What can that look like? The last election may give us an idea. For all the success of the Republican Party (albeit largely due to Democrat failures and the Trump phenomenon) it isn’t monolithic. It can fracture and do so in a way whereby something of a conservative/libertarian-like movement of more economic freedom makes an ascendancy, making a challenge to a Trump paleo-Republican Party. In this scenario, the Democrats will then wither away with smaller numbers over time.

This could come about through a three-person race for the presidency in four or eight years. In four, if Trump runs for re-election, it’s not likely. It would be more likely in eight years with two candidates from the right and one Democrat where the Democrat comes in third. What could replace the Democrat Party is a party with a new name either in or out of the White House growing in state and local elections or a new Democrat Party that in no way resembles what it is now.

There are a lot of variables, of course, and a demise of the Democrat Party could take many forms. But as it’s currently constituted, it only succeeds in convincing voters of policies that are not viable with a bad history along with portraying itself as good fighting against evil. If this is the case the Party’s prospects are dim.


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