The Democrats’ Electoral Strategy for 2018 and Beyond: Political Terrorism

The Democrats’ electoral strategy for 2018 and beyond can be summed up in two words: fear and hate: what all terrorists rely on, and what the Bolsheviks used to force their agenda on an unwilling Russian population that ultimately cost millions of lives. The Bolsheviks even had a name for it: The Red Terror.

Democrats are practicing a form of political and psychological terrorism. There is no factual content. The entire purpose of their campaigns is to motivate through fear. But Democrats believe this entirely justified.


What is the most salient feature of today’s Democrat? Rage.

Democrats raged at the Kavanaugh hearings. Democrats rage at President Trump. They rage at Republicans in restaurants, elevators and the street. Democrat political arsonists like Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Cory Booker and Maxine Waters rage at Republicans and urge confrontation and violence. Republicans have been attacked with switchblades, clubs and guns. Every time the GOP scores a victory Democrats rage. They behave like unglued lunatics, yet double down on their lies and blatant hypocrisy when called on it.


Their rage is not reality based. It is fantasy rage based on a fantasy utopian future they believe can be attained only if they control the levers of power. In their minds, anyone who opposes that agenda is guilty of genocide. Traditional values and morality, American constitutional principles, free market capitalism, nationalism and a strong defense all stand in the way of the Left’s fantasy utopian future.

For those who actually believe in that utopian future, i.e. the fanatic Democratic left base, we are actually threatening the human race, so the most outrageous behavior, including murder, is justified. And the longer they keep it up, the more able the spin doctors are to rationalize a plausible explanation.

For the greedy, self-serving Democrat establishment, it’s a great strategy. They care about power. Nothing else, and whatever works to obtain it is justified in their minds.

So they hate, they rage, they scream and shout, bully people and wreck property. Then they accuse us of what they are doing.

How will that play out if they actually obtain the absolute power they seek? The lunatic extreme Left base, constrained for the moment by what remains of the rule of law, will be unleashed. And those threats they have already made, to kill, torture, assassinate we “racists,” “bigots,” “Islamophobes,” “homophobes,” “imperialists,” “capitalists,” etc. will be carried out.

Do you want to be afraid? Base your fear on the reality of what we face: Democrats are today’s Bolsheviks, and if given the power they seek, they will be just as merciless.

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