The Death of Free Speech: Video

This is perhaps the most thought-provoking video I’ve seen in recent weeks, and it was put up by a young, extremely intelligent and well-versed millennial, which is something we don’t see often in the United States.  Seldom will you see the words “intelligent” and “millennial” appear in the same sentence.

I just added a new friend on social media and I love her bio/resume on her profile wall and she is much more intelligent that the average millennial. That’s obvious from reading her profile ‘About Me.” It reads, “Alternatively called the Based Southern Belle. I am a 21 year-old nationalist Conservative, non-interventionist political activist, deep ecologist, writer, philosopher, & professional provocateur.”

I like that part. I need to add professional provocateur to my bio. That’s what I do.

This beautiful young lady is perhaps the most intelligent millennial I have met in recent years. Please watch and listen to her video and share it to all of your social media networks.

The Death of Free Speech

The Based Southern Belle offers deep fried, southern commentary on the preservation of western civilization, culture, history and heritage, and thoughts on preserving the right wing of conservative politics.

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On the same note of Freedom of Speech, perhaps it is time to launch a nationwide boycott of “The View.” Whoopi Goldbricker (misspelling intended) and company constantly post atrocious, vile things about our President and conservatives in general, but when it is turned around on them, they can’t handle the heat. Well, Whoopi; if you can’t take the heat, maybe it’s time for you to get out of the kitchen, and we can help.

If you would like to boycott The View and ABC, please call these sponsors. Here are sponsors of The View. Just in case you all get feisty.

Anheuser Busch – (800) 342-5283

Barclays – (888) 710-8756

Bose Corporate – (508) 879-7330

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Bridgestone – (800) 543-7522

Campbells Soup – (800) 257-8443

Cover Girl – (410) 785-7300

Dannon – (877) 326-6668

Duracell – (800) 551-2355

Extreme Networks – (408) 579-2800

Fed EX – (469) 980-3000

Ford – (800) 392-3673

Frito-Lay – (800) 352-4477

Gatorade – (800) 884-2867

Gillette – (800) 445-5388

Head & Shoulders – (800) 723-9569

Hyundai – (800) 633-5151

Lenovo – (866) 968-4465

Marriott Hotels – (301) 380-3000

Mars Snackfoods – (973) 691-3536

McDonalds – (800) 244-6227

Nationwide – (800) 882-2822

Old Spice – (213) 996-3791

Papa John’s Pizza – (877) 547-7272

SAP – (617) 715-7300

TD Ameritrade – (800) 669-3900

Tide – (800) 879-8433

USAA – (800) 531-8722

Verizon – (212) 395-1000

Vicks – (800) 362-1683

Visa – (650) 432-3200

Zebra Technologies – (800) 722-6234


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